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4moms Baby Bath Tub Review

An innovative baby bathtub for your baby, the 4moms Baby Bath Tub in white drains dirty water, and at the same time constantly replaces the old water with clean. This way, you can always be rinsing your baby off using fresh water. Another unique feature that 4moms, Baby Bath Tub is able to do is gauge the water temperature to ensure that the water temperature is just right for your baby’s very delicate skin.

Features of the 4moms Baby Bath Tub, White

  • Product dimensions: 32 x 17 x 9 inches
  • Has a 2-inch LCD screen that displays the water temperature
  • Suitable for babies up to 6 months old
  • Side drain. This feature allows dirty water to be drained continuously without totally emptying out the tub of water.
  • Color-coded digital thermometer. This thermometer is able to gauge the temperature of the water that pours into the screen. Color-coded temperature will tell you if the water is too hot or too cold. Red for hot, Blue for cold and Green for the perfect temperature.
  • Clean water reservoir. Clean water from the faucet flows into this area where enough water gets collected and freely flows into the bathing section where your baby is.
  • Included in the package is a rinse cup and a built-in rinse cup holder.
  • Fits in a large sink or double sink and in most adult bathtubs.
  • Several drainage holes are strategically placed all over the tub to give you the option to continuously drain some sections to avoid too much water from filling up the tub.


  • The temperature sensor ensures that the water is safe and comfortable for your baby.
  • Large bath with enough space for your baby to play.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Has a rinse cup and built-in rinse cup holder included.
  • The LCD screen that displays the temperature is clear and easy to read.  It is even color-coded to make it easy to set the perfect temperature for your baby.
  • Has a clean water reservoir that gives you easy access to fresh water anytime.
  • Can fit on most sinks and regular bathtubs.
  • The whole bath comes almost fully-assembled, you just need to put in the batteries as they are not included.
  • Includes a spacer for the bottom of the tub to be added if it does not fit on your sink.
  • The temperature gauge also sounds off with warning beeps in case your water temperature gets too hot, thus avoiding your baby from getting burned.
  • Includes a digital spout cover, useful when your baby is a little older and is able to sit up. It still lets you check the temperature as water flows out of the faucet while also protecting your child from accidentally bumping into the spout.
  • Drains are strategically scattered across the whole tub which gives the parent more control on how much water stays in the tub.


  • Expensive
  • The whole thing is quite large and will require space for set up as well as storage. You have to put it in a tub where the faucet spouts sticks out far enough or place it in a large sink with a high faucet.
  • Can be easily outgrown especially for babies who are quite large.
  • A few of the parents who reviewed this product experienced their babies easily slipping from side to side or into the water.


  • Can this be hung on a hook in the shower to dry?  Yes.
  • How should this be cleaned?  One way is to use baking soda and vinegar – wipe it down well.
  • Where can a replacement cup be purchased?  Contact [email protected] with your contact information.
  • Does the water have to run continuously?  Yes, in order to optimize the features of the tub.
  • Where is this tub manufactured?  In the United States.
  • How well does a newborn fit in this tub?  Many moms purchase a positioning sponge to help stabilize the baby.


The 4moms Baby Bath Tub is a great tub mainly because of the two unique features that it offers. Having a temperature gauge that beeps off when the water becomes too hot is a great precautionary device that will let you bathe your little one without constantly checking if the water is getting too hot for him, if you do have the urge to check the temperature frequently you can see it clearly from the screen.

Also, having clean water readily available for use aside from dirty water automatically drained out is a big plus. However, with these features, the price can be quite steep.


Also a large tub, but designed to grow with your child, the Fisher-Price Calming Waters Vibration Bathing Tub is also a good alternative to consider. It offers you three positions to bathe your baby in, according to size and ability. For newborns, this tub provides a sling to safely cradle your little one while you wash him.

For older infants, a baby stopper is provided so you can still give your baby a bath in a reclined position without worrying of the baby slipping into the water. For tots who can sit up properly, just remove the baby stopper and your baby can have a bigger space to play on. It also provides soothing vibrations designed to calm newborns and younger infants, just switch the on button.

Bathing your infant in the sink has its advantages since sinks are as high as your waist. This is great for moms who gave birth thru caesarian section and also for parents who get backaches easily. If these are some of the issues you are considering, you might find the Puj Tub helpful.

This tub is great for bathing newborns until around 6 months. It’s flat and made of soft, flexible and non-slip materials that easily conform to any sink you put it in. It also molds into the body of your baby for a more comfortable fit.

Check out this video:


If you have the extra money to buy a pricey bath, the 4moms Baby Bath Tub, White is the sure way to go. The temperature gauge is very helpful as a safety precaution and because it drains dirty water, rising off soap from your little one can be quick and hassle-free.

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