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Baby Shower Gift Ideas: How to Wrap a Baby Bathtub

A baby bathtub is a perfect idea for baby shower gift. However, baby bathtubs are awfully big, and you will find it difficult to wrap. Some would resort to not wrapping it at all, filling the tub with smaller items such as a gift basket or simply wrap it in cellophane.

However, if you insist on wrapping it the conventional way, it would be best to wrap it still in the box or if the baby bathtub does not originally have its own box upon purchase, then you can buy a new box large enough to contain the tub. With the bathtub placed inside the box, you’ll find it very easy to wrap the box now. If you can’t find any box at all, then you can wrap it using plenty of wrapping paper.

Things You’ll Need

  • Transparent tape
  • Large roll of wrapping paper
  • Ribbons and bows
  • Scissors


1. Roll out the wrapping paper on the floor so that at least 6 feet of the paper is unrolled.

2. Now, place the baby bathtub in the middle of the rolled-out paper such that the longer sides of the item are in parallel with the longer sides of the paper.

3. Pull the cut end over the top of the tub to tape it to the sides of the tub itself. Pull the roll end over the top until it overlaps the taped end. Now, to tape down the roll end, cut it off of the roll.

4. Fold the top, bottom, and sides of the wrapping paper on one side and tape to the side of the baby bathtub. Do the same on the other side. You must’ve used up all the cut piece of the wrapping paper by now.4.

5. You can roll out the unrolled paper on the floor again and put the partly-wrapped tub again in the middle, but this time facing the bathtub crosswise with sides facing the ends.

6. Pull and tape down one end over the top of the bathtub. Do the same on the other end by cutting it from the roll.

7. Fold the edges of the wrap on the sides of the baby bathtub to give it a clean look before taping it down.

8. To finish wrapping, wrap a large ribbon around the tub crosswise and lengthwise then tape it in place. Finally, you can attach a bow to the top of the ribbon with the transparent tape.

Tips and Warnings

  • If you want the baby bathtub wrapped such that it is still in its precise shape, when you pull the paper over the top to tape, push the paper into the basin.
  • Sometimes, when you wrap an irregularly shaped object, tiny areas may remain unwrapped. If you want these areas in your ‘wrapped’ baby bathtub, you can cut small pieces of the same wrapping paper and tape them over the exposed areas.

What to Buy

Before wrapping your gift, you might want to put some thought into the exact type of bath tub you’ll be giving away. Here are the different types of baby bath tubs that you can choose from.

1. Convertible tubs

  • These tubs are designed to grow with the baby from newborn to their toddler days. That is, with a few adjustments, your toddler can still use the same tub.
  • Its distinct feature is its removable sling and hammock that keeps your baby closer to you and higher in the water. When the baby grows up a few months, and is old enough to sit on her own, you can remove the insert to make more room for the baby.
  • However, if the bath tub doesn’t have a hammock or sling, make sure that it has a slight incline to support your younger baby when lying in a slightly upright position.

2. Hard Plastic Tubs

  • These types of tubs are easy to clean with some having a mildew-resistant foam lining.
  • A contoured, smooth shape would be a best choice to make your baby a lot more comfortable when leaning on the tub.
  • Make sure that it has a plug at the base so that water can be drained out easily.
  • Additionally, a hook or suction cup comes in handy so it can be hung up in the bathroom wall when not in use.

3. Foldable tubs

  • When you’re thinking of taking your baby on an outing or travelling, these types of tubs will be the best options. They are very convenient for storing and carrying. However, they may not be as solid and firm.

Other Options

1. Baby bath seats

  • These additions can be used once your baby is old enough to sit up without your assistance. However, Consumer Reports does not think this is a safe idea. Children may tip over and can drown.
  • The same goes for an inflatable bathtub, especially when it is placed in an adult tub containing water. It is always wise to consider the baby’s safety more than anything else.

2. Inflatable neck rings

  • This looks like a pool float that is designed to fit around the baby’s neck and keep her head above the water. This is one of the latest bath products on the market.
  • Aside from a recall of the most popular brands in 2015, no safety issues have been reported by the US Consumer Product Safety and Consumer Reports yet.

3. Baby “spa tubs”

  • These tubs aren’t necessary, but some parents find them enjoyable for the baby. This includes other upscale models with bells, whistles, and also temperature monitors, water jets, and handheld shower units.

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