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A Warm Welcome!

My name is Nancy and as the mother of 11 children, I estimate that I’ve given upwards of 10,000 baths over the last 22 years. From the blue Fisher-Price sink bathtub that I used for all of my infants, to faucet covers, to bath safety seats, and hundreds of bath toys, I have seen it all when it comes to baths and children. Ever since my first baby sweetly fell asleep in his baby bathtub as a newborn, I have enjoyed the special time of connection with a child during baths.

Here we all are!  As you can imagine I’ve had a LOT of experience bathing babies…lol.  So precious each and every one.  🙂

Family posing in field for group portrait

As my first son got older and bath time grew messier and I agonized to find just the right thing to keep soap out of his eyes,

I’ve cooled feverish babies off in tubs, I’ve brought babies into the water with me and I’ve mopped up many a sodden towel and dealt with my fair share of the “baby bath toy minefield” when I went to take my own shower in the morning.

I hope that you enjoy the special memories that are made with your child during bath time- my memories range from that first baby floating sound asleep in the warm water, mimicking the womb, to introducing my adopted children to the joys of fresh, clean, warm water running from a faucet for the first time. May you delight in the warm snuggling of a child fresh from the tub, with towel dried hair and sweet freshness.

Now, I have a confession to make.  As a busy mom I enlisted the aid of a friend to help me get this website up and going.  You moms know what I’m talking about when I say B – U – S – Y.  His writing style isn’t the same as mine so I’m slowly making my way through all the pages and putting my own personal touch on it.  I’m also frantically trying to find all those cute baby bath time pictures I’ve taken over the years so I can share them with you.  If only I could figure out how to get them out of FaceBook – I’ll have to ask my Tech Support Guy, a.k.a Hubby.

How can you help this site?

I welcome any feedback both positive and negative, so leave me comments and I will take any recommendations or criticisms into consideration. This site is a one-woman job, so the more help I get from real users, the better it will become.

How can you contact me?

You can use this simple contact form or you can email me at [email protected]

Hopefully any baby bathtub question you have will have been answered already on the site via the many articles available, but should you have any outstanding questions, it is better to send me an email.  It may take me a couple days to get to your email however I will reply.