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Aojia Baby Folding Bath Review

Sponge baths don’t necessarily have to end as soon as you’d think, if your baby still enjoys them. On the other hand, you can begin bathing your baby in a tub or a sink once her umbilicus has fallen off and if there’s any circumcision that’s already healed.

You have to hold the baby to support her body when you bathe her. This is the safest way until your baby is old enough to sit up on her own or even long after. Also, while holding the baby on one hand for support, you need to lean over and wash your baby gently with your other hand without losing focus on the hand supporting the baby.

If you’re using a conventional baby bathtub, you also need to lean over the edge while kneeling. This might cause you to strain your back. This is why most parents usually resort to bathing their babies in a sink or in a portable tub.

Kitchen sinks are about the ideal and appropriate height for the average adult to do this washing tasks without putting too much strain on the back. That is why most adults think it is better to wash the baby in the sink. Kitchen sinks also have the advantage of a ready supply of water.

However, you have to make sure you swing the spigot away from the sink or cover it with a wash cloth to prevent possible unpleasant bumps. They also have attached sprayers that will make rinsing easy which some babies will find fun.

These factors make baby bath time in the sink a lot better. That is why parents resort to buying tubs that’ll fit in the sink and at the same time help the baby feel a lot more comfortable in taking their baths in the sink rather than in the bathroom.

Good thing Aojia Baby Folding Bath provides you with the baby bath tub features you are looking for.

Key Features

  • It is manageable and can be easily folded for proper storage and to save space at home or even when traveling without compromising a satisfactorily full-sized tub for the baby.
  • There are built-in hooks so it can be instantly hung for storage or on the shower head for drying when not in use.
  • Aojia Baby Folding Bath also has a heat sensitive bath plug to let the parents know about changes in water temperature to make sure your baby is safe.
  • There is also an extra leg support to keep the bath from slipping. But this feature makes the tub only usable on flat surfaces.
  • This is recommended for infants to toddlers.


This convenient Aojia Baby Folding Bath is designed so that storing is easy and it can even be utilized for travel. Its foldable feature makes it very easy to store, so you can bring with you a full-sized tub whenever you want to travel. There are built in hooks which add to its easy-storage feature. You can hang it for instant storage and when you need to dry it after every use.

Aojia Baby Folding Bath has an extra temperature indicator feature that allows parents to control water temperature for a more comfortable and safer bath time for the baby. It has a plug that changes color when the water is too hot for the baby, so parents can adjust water temperature immediately.

This bath tub can fold its legs up and then fold in a similar fashion to an accordion. If you want baby’s first bath beyond the walls, this bath will be the best choice whenever you feel like visiting friends or family, camping, or just playing in the yard.


The extra leg support with a non-slip external lining makes the bath suitable for use only on flat surfaces.


Aojia Baby Folding Bath is very suitable for going out of town for vacations or camping. It is conveniently light and easy to hang whenever not in use, saving space when stored. This is also perfect for babies loving their bath time and is safe for all their crazy movements with its non-slip material. With many advantages over its drawbacks, Aojia Baby Folding Bath will be a perfect choice for a bath tub for your baby.


Portability-wise, the Aojia Baby Folding Bath and the KF445 Large Capacity Baby Inflatable Bath Tub can be easily put side-by-side for comparison. Certainly, the latter’s foldable feature makes it easier to travel with, but the former’s distinct foldable feature tops all other bathtub designs. Aojia Baby Folding Bath is the best choice for outdoor bathing with baby. Its rigidity works as an advantage in most outdoor cases.

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