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14 Tips for Choosing a Great Baby Bath Chair For Tub!

It’s bath time! But you desperately need a baby bath chair. In this post, we’re giving you 14 must-have tips for choosing a safe, high-quality bath seat.

Bathing a newborn is one of the most frequent activities a parent will encounter with their child. It also can be one of the most delightful experiences a parent will have.

In the past, we have been accustomed to using kitchen and bathroom sinks for our washing needs. That’s likely what the past generations in your family used. (That includes your parents with you!)

Now, many are finding that a baby bath chair is more beneficial than the traditional way. Using a baby bath chair has a variety of benefits including convenience and enjoyment for the child and parent alike.

In general, it makes the experience much easier and more fun than using a sink. Parents are also able to wash their babies much more efficiently.

With an abundance of baby bath chairs out there, where do you start to look? Turning to mom and dad may not be as helpful since they likely used a sink.

Luckily, we’ve done the research for you. Read on to learn some of our best tips for finding your perfect baby bath chair.

1) Look for Safety Features

Finding a safe chair that can provide support in your baby’s early stages is critical. You should be looking for one with a non-skid surface to prevent slipping and sliding around.

Make sure that your chair has a T-shaped bar or strap to help hold your baby in place. This can reduce the amount of shifting around when your baby gets all excited!

Also, some models come with a temperature indicator to detect if the water is comfortable for your little one. Many times, a baby bath chair will come with a digital readout or a sticker strip.

If not, you can test the water of your baby’s bath by placing your elbow or forearm. These body parts are much more susceptible to too warm of temperature!

Additionally you want to check out this article on safety and baby seats.  If you are not aware there are dangers associated with babys and just a small amount of water in a bathtub.  Did you know that a baby can drown in as little as 1 inch of water in just a few seconds?  Some of the dangers the article mentions in regards to baby bath rings include:

  • Bath seats give parents a false sense of security.  My baby is sitting there secure…he won’t tip over
  • Children can slip out of a poorly designed and / or fitted seat.  Or she could tip forward or sideways into the water and become submerged.
  • Trusting in the suction cups too much.  Baby leans to one side of the ring, the suction cups pop off and baby tips over into the water.

2) Is Your Baby Bath Chair Portable?

This tip is mostly for the parents. We haven’t forgotten about you guys!

Having a baby bath chair for a tub that is able to fit in different locations can help especially when traveling. Think of date nights or late nights in the office when the grandparents are looking after your little one!

You can find baby bath chairs that are small, easy to carry, and can fit in just about any bathing area.

3) Your Baby Bathtub Seat Should Provide Adequate Support

Most newborns are unable to sit up fully until around 4-6 months of age. Parents are able to start using baby bath chairs at around that time.

Make sure your chair is able to fully support your newborn’s weight (read more below to learn about age and weight restrictions).

Also, you can look for baby bath chairs with reclined slopes. This can make the experience much more comfortable for your child.

4) Will Your Baby Fit?

Often times, baby bath chairs have certain weight and age limits.

It’s no question- we all love those chunky rolls. They are part of what makes our little ones so darn cute!

However, you should make sure that a little extra weight won’t compromise your baby’s safety in their chair. Check for age and weight restrictions before purchasing!

5) How Much Space Does the Baby Bath Ring Seat Require?

For the most part, baby bath chairs can be placed in a tub or even a sink. If you plan to use your chair in the sink, you will want to check out its size.

If you are limited for space in your sink, it may be wise to just use the chair in the tub. This will give you more range for movement when washing your child.

However, if you wish to use a sink still, then don’t fret! There are plenty of baby bath chairs that can fit into your bathroom or kitchen sink.

6) Capable of Easy Draining

Some chairs or washers come with an attached plug that lets out water after bathing. This again, is for the convenience of you moms and dads!

Avoid having to tip out the water that accumulates within the chair by pulling on the attached plug beneath. You can find most drains located at the bottom or side of your baby bath chair.

7) Buy New, Not Used

We all know how expensive purchasing equipment for a baby can be. Sometimes, it may seem that as soon as you purchase an item, the baby outgrows it five minutes later.

However, any product that is for something as intimate as bathing should be purchased new.

The reason for that is often times, older models won’t fit current safety standards. In 2010, new standards were set for baby washing chairs.

The main difference between older and newer models is the size of the leg openings. Newer models are built to support your child better as they have smaller leg openings.

Babies were able to easily slip and tumble through the wider leg openings on older models.

8) Find a “Fun” Chair

Bath time is usually fun for us parents- so let’s make it fun for the little guy or girl too!

Many baby bath chairs are equipped with built-on toys. This can be helpful for you as it will entertain your child while you’re doing the dirty work.

If you find a chair with toys attached, make sure to pay extra close attention to its material.

9) Watch Out for Rough Edges

Bath time is usually very exciting and overwhelming for newborns. You already know to prepare for lots of shifting around and splashing!

Also, you should be weary of baby bath rings that can become jagged or rough over time.

You don’t want anything that will potentially cut or harm your child. Look for a baby bath chair that is smooth and won’t snag easily.

10) Make Sure It’s Comfortable for Your Child

Babies are like snowflakes- they all come in different shapes and sizes. What is comfortable for one child may not be for another!

Check your baby bath chair for features that may make your child’s experience more comfortable. As mentioned above, many chairs come equipped with a reclined slope for relaxing.

Also, many have contoured or padded linings that can provide extra comfort for your little one.

This is another reason to always buy new when it comes to bathing equipment. A chair that worked for your older child may simply not be a good fit for the newborn.

Also, newer models tend to have more comfort features than older ones.

11) Find a Baby Bath Chair That Can Be Cleaned Easily

Like your own bath, a baby’s chair will still require some regular cleaning to maintain sanitary levels.

It may seem silly because you’re using it in the tub. Yet, it’s important to remember the baby washes you use will build up.. or even worse, you may experience an unwanted potty accident!

Look for a baby bath chair that has smooth edges and can be drained easily.

12) Check for Product Recalls

It is unlikely but some baby products show up on national product recall lists. A baby bath chair that could potentially malfunction is extremely dangerous for your child.

Before purchasing, check here to ensure that your chair is okay to be used. This should apply to most of your baby’s equipment products!

13) Do the Latches and Adjustments Fit in Your Bath Tub?

Some baby bath chairs will come with clips that are meant to be attached to the wall of your tub.

If you are considering buying a chair like this, make sure to measure your tub before purchasing. You can compare it’s width to the chair’s clip capacity to make sure it can be supported.

14) Check the Chair’s Fastening Features

Before using your baby bath chair, make sure the belts and other fastening features work. Try clipping, stretching, and moving these safety belts around to ensure they work correctly.

For the most part, you will probably be using one hand when bathing your child. This means you need a sturdy set of “hands” to help support the little one from falling or tipping over.

Baby bath chairs can speed up bath time and make it much more efficient for parents. If you are a busy mom or dad, they can provide you with the convenience you need.

Or, maybe you have free time to take things slower and enjoy bath time. Baby bath chairs can enhance this experience as well! They let you rest your arms and hands and not tire so easily.

Finding a baby bath chair for the tub that is secure and durable is imperative for your newborn’s safety. That’s why you should visit Bathing Your Baby for all of your child’s bathing needs!

At Bathing Your Baby, we are committed to making parents as informed as possible about the bathing experience. We provide excellent reviews and advice to guide every leg of the journey.

Whether your baby is an infant or several months old, you can rely on Bathing Your Baby. Contact us today to learn more about our baby washing products and services!

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