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Bath Seat for 6 Month Old Baby

How to Choose a Bath Seat for 6 Month Old Babies

Is your baby quickly outgrowing their bath chair? Not to worry! In this post, we’re showing you how to choose the right bath seat for 6 month old babies.

Is your lovely bundle of joy finally sitting up without much support?

Perhaps she’s outgrown the infant bath you got her when she arrived, and you’re now considering a bath seat for 6 month old.

If you find yourself in such a situation, it might be time to make a much-needed change.

As a rule of thumb, always ensure the bath seat you’re using is a size that goes hand in hand with the child’s development.

A bath seat for 6 month old is a convenient way to freshen up your toddler while minimizing the risk of injury.

It’s important to note, however, that bath seats for toddlers are not safety devices. They are simply meant to make bath time enjoyable for your baby and less nerve-wracking for you.

If your baby can sit up without the need for support, usually from 5 months, then you’re in the market for a new baby bath seat.

Here’s a handy guide you can use before going out to buy a bath seat for 6 month old.

Age ranges for babies and toddlers

It’s common to hear people use the terms toddler, newborn, and infants interchangeably when describing their little bundles of joy.

But do they all mean the same thing?

Newborns: These are babies between the 0-2 months age bracket.

Babies: A baby is any child up to the age of 4 years old.

Toddlers/neonate: A toddler is a child who is just learning to walk. There’s no consensus about the beginning and end of toddlerhood. Children learn how to “toddle” at different stages.

Why suction cups on a bath seat are a must have

Baby-proofing your baby’s bath time relies heavily on the suction cups fitted to a bath seat.

Suction cups are slide-resistant pads that keep the bath seat sturdy. They reduce the risk of your baby tipping over and getting trapped.

At least 4 suction pads that work independently should be fitted to a bath seat to guarantee stability.

A comprehensive guide to buying a bath seat for 6 month old babies

Go new or go home!

Avoid baby bath seats that have had previous owners at all costs.

You may notice them being sold when garage sales pop up. But is the saving you make on a used bath seat really worth it?

Not surprisingly, old bath seats don’t adhere to new safety standards that were updated a couple of years ago.

According to the latest safety standards, for example, the leg openings should be much smaller.

Older baths have a bigger leg opening that poses the risk of your baby slipping through and getting stuck.

Rest assured, the latest bath seats for 6-month-olds have undergone extensive safety tests.

Bath Seat Cleaning

If it’s a breeze to clean, it’s probably a great buy, right? It’s easy to assume that any product being used in the bathtub is always sparkling clean.

This is far from the truth.

Baby cleaning products accumulate on the surface of bath seats and should be cleaned off regularly to avoid build up. That’s why we recommend investing in a bath seat with a smooth surface.

It will be much easier to clean. Trust us!

Essential Bath seat Features

Your ideal bath seat should have a firm base with a simple, durable design.

Keep in mind that your hands will be quite full during bath time. You should be in a position to use one hand to operate the baby bath while the other hand washes and supports your child.

All moving parts of the product should, therefore, be working seamlessly.

It’s also important to keep track of your baby’s weight as the months go by. Most of the baby baths on the market today have a weight limit set by the manufacturers.

The higher the weight limit the longer you can use it to clean your adorable baby.

This weight limit can also act as an indication that your baby is outgrowing the use of a bath seat for 6 month old.

Here’s an in-depth post that will help you decide if it’s finally time to stop using baby baths.

Does it have any extra features?

The more features a baby bath comes with the better it is. But they have to be practical and useful features. Not just for aesthetic value.

The swivel bath seat, for example, has a unique 360 degrees feature that allows you unrestricted access to all parts of your baby’s body.

It’s designed to help you turn your baby gently without much effort. On top of it all, there’s a colorful rotating ball to keep your baby entertained.

Such a toy acts as a great distraction if the baby doesn’t like being in a restricted environment. Before they know what you’re up to, you’ll be finishing up with the bath.

Characteristics of a great bath seat for 6 month old babies

  • It should be more practical than fancy.
  • The corners and edges should be rounded and smooth. This eliminates the risk of your baby getting hurt by sharp edges.
  • It should comfortably support your child and keep them safe.
  • We recommend a contoured design. It gives the young ones more neck control and keeps them relaxed when sat upright.
  • Some come with a sling that acts as support during bath time.
  • To keep your baby from moving too much in the seat, choose a bath seat with a removable fabric support.
  • Another great plus for your new bath seat is damp-resistant lining. This is gentler on the child’s body than the plastic used to make bath seats.
  • Recent regulation dictates that a bath seat should have an attachment mechanism to the side of the main tub.

If your baby tends to be antsy during bathing sessions, choose a bath seat that looks like a bouncing chair. The good thing about this feature is its practical recline functionality.

Some people find it difficult to use bath seats with restless babies. If you find yourself in such a predicament, we have creative baby tub ideas that you and your child will love!

How to eliminate safety risks when using baby bath seats

So, when is it okay to leave your baby unattended in their baby bath? This is a complete no-no and you should never consider it even for a fraction of a second.

According to a CPSC report, drowning in the U.S is the leading cause of high child mortality rates.

81% of these incidents are bath related and can easily be avoided.

Have a hands-on approach

Don’t allow yourself to get carried away into thinking that a baby bath is a suitable substitute for your attention.

It only takes a few seconds for your newborn to drown if you’re not alert. It doesn’t matter how low the water level is. A baby can drown in just a few inches of water.

We recommend carrying everything you think you’ll need to the bathroom before starting the bath.

If you have to dash out to pick up some extra towels or make an urgent phone call, take your child with you, don’t leave them behind.

When choosing a baby seat for 6 month old babies, safety concerns should be your top priority.

Babies have no sense of danger. As their primary care provider, keeping them away from harm is a full-time job.

Here are some common hazards to watch out for when using a bath seat for 6 month old children:

  • The bath seat can easily tip over when you’re not looking.
  • Your baby slipping and bumping their head.
  • Older babies can attempt to climb out of the bath.
  • Getting their tiny legs trapped in the openings.

How often should I bathe my newborn?

Is there such thing as being too clean? The answer may surprise you, but yes!

It’s important to keep babies squeaky clean but it’s not necessary to wash them on a daily basis.

Experts recommend washing your newborn a maximum of three times a week. Too much washing is not good for their young developing skin.

Instead, gently wipe them with a damp cloth occasionally.

Bath seats for 6 months old are still as popular as ever. Babies love it because it allows them the freedom to play around during bath time.

As a first-time mother, you’ll quickly realize how bath seats can make bath time easier for you, freeing you up so you can achieve a more thorough wash.

But having a reliable source of baby bath advice helps a lot to make the transition smooth as well.

Baby bath seats are meant for toddlers between the age of 5 and 10 months. Once you realize your baby can finally stand on their own, without the need for support, you should slowly start transitioning them to using the regular tub.

For safety reasons, a bath seat for 6 month old children should not be used if your baby is below 5 months old. Get one for your newborn anyway so you can be well prepared when he or she finally comes of age.

We hope this guide acts as an eye-opener for when you’re finally really to choose that perfect bath seat.

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