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4moms Baby Bath Tub Review

An innovative baby bathtub for your baby, the 4moms Baby Bath Tub in white drains dirty water, and at the same time constantly replaces the old water with clean. This way, you can always be rinsing your baby off using fresh water. Another unique feature that 4moms, Baby Bath Tub is able to do is gauge the water temperature to ensure that the water temperature is just right for your baby’s very delicate skin.

Features of the 4moms Baby Bath Tub, White

  • Product dimensions: 32 x 17 x 9 inches
  • Has a 2-inch LCD screen that displays the water temperature
  • Suitable for babies up to 6 months old
  • Side drain. This feature allows dirty water to be drained continuously without totally emptying out the tub of water.
  • Color-coded digital thermometer. This thermometer is able to gauge the temperature of the water that pours into the screen. Color-coded temperature will tell you if the water is too hot or too cold. Red for hot, Blue for cold and Green for the perfect temperature.
  • Clean water reservoir. Clean water from the faucet flows into this area where enough water gets collected and freely flows into the bathing section where your baby is.
  • Included in the package is a rinse cup and a built-in rinse cup holder.
  • Fits in a large sink or double sink and in most adult bathtubs.
  • Several drainage holes are strategically placed all over the tub to give you the option to continuously drain some sections to avoid too much water from filling up the tub.


  • The temperature sensor ensures that the water is safe and comfortable for your baby.
  • Large bath with enough space for your baby to play.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Has a rinse cup and built-in rinse cup holder included.
  • The LCD screen that displays the temperature is clear and easy to read.  It is even color-coded to make it easy to set the perfect temperature for your baby.
  • Has a clean water reservoir that gives you easy access to fresh water anytime.
  • Can fit on most sinks and regular bathtubs.
  • The whole bath comes almost fully-assembled, you just need to put in the batteries as they are not included.
  • Includes a spacer for the bottom of the tub to be added if it does not fit on your sink.
  • The temperature gauge also sounds off with warning beeps in case your water temperature gets too hot, thus avoiding your baby from getting burned.
  • Includes a digital spout cover, useful when your baby is a little older and is able to sit up. It still lets you check the temperature as water flows out of the faucet while also protecting your child from accidentally bumping into the spout.
  • Drains are strategically scattered across the whole tub which gives the parent more control on how much water stays in the tub.


  • Expensive
  • The whole thing is quite large and will require space for set up as well as storage. You have to put it in a tub where the faucet spouts sticks out far enough or place it in a large sink with a high faucet.
  • Can be easily outgrown especially for babies who are quite large.
  • A few of the parents who reviewed this product experienced their babies easily slipping from side to side or into the water.


  • Can this be hung on a hook in the shower to dry?  Yes.
  • How should this be cleaned?  One way is to use baking soda and vinegar – wipe it down well.
  • Where can a replacement cup be purchased?  Contact [email protected] with your contact information.
  • Does the water have to run continuously?  Yes, in order to optimize the features of the tub.
  • Where is this tub manufactured?  In the United States.
  • How well does a newborn fit in this tub?  Many moms purchase a positioning sponge to help stabilize the baby.


The 4moms Baby Bath Tub is a great tub mainly because of the two unique features that it offers. Having a temperature gauge that beeps off when the water becomes too hot is a great precautionary device that will let you bathe your little one without constantly checking if the water is getting too hot for him, if you do have the urge to check the temperature frequently you can see it clearly from the screen.

Also, having clean water readily available for use aside from dirty water automatically drained out is a big plus. However, with these features, the price can be quite steep.


Also a large tub, but designed to grow with your child, the Fisher-Price Calming Waters Vibration Bathing Tub is also a good alternative to consider. It offers you three positions to bathe your baby in, according to size and ability. For newborns, this tub provides a sling to safely cradle your little one while you wash him.

For older infants, a baby stopper is provided so you can still give your baby a bath in a reclined position without worrying of the baby slipping into the water. For tots who can sit up properly, just remove the baby stopper and your baby can have a bigger space to play on. It also provides soothing vibrations designed to calm newborns and younger infants, just switch the on button.

Bathing your infant in the sink has its advantages since sinks are as high as your waist. This is great for moms who gave birth thru caesarian section and also for parents who get backaches easily. If these are some of the issues you are considering, you might find the Puj Tub helpful.

This tub is great for bathing newborns until around 6 months. It’s flat and made of soft, flexible and non-slip materials that easily conform to any sink you put it in. It also molds into the body of your baby for a more comfortable fit.

Check out this video:


If you have the extra money to buy a pricey bath, the 4moms Baby Bath Tub, White is the sure way to go. The temperature gauge is very helpful as a safety precaution and because it drains dirty water, rising off soap from your little one can be quick and hassle-free.

Puj Tub – The Soft, Foldable Baby Bath Tub Review

Made of flexible materials, the Puj Tub makes bathing your child in the sink a lot easier.  It is made from soft materials that allow it to easily conform to the shape of any sink you put it into. The Puj Tub will also cradle your baby allowing you to use both your hands during bath time.

Features of the Puj Tub

  • Product dimensions: 25.2 x 26.4 x 0.8 inches
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Soft foam. The Puj is made of soft foam which makes it easily bendable so it can conform to the shape of the sink you place it into. It fits to most standard-sized bathroom sinks, countertop sinks and pedestal bathroom sinks.
  • Resistant to mold and mildew
  • Suitable for babies from birth to 6 months.
  • Free from toxic chemicals like PVC and BPA.


  • The foam is soft, and has a spade-like shape that easily cradles your baby during bathing. It is nonslip as well.
  • Perfectly molds to the shape of the sink. It also conform to the shape of your little one’s body for a perfect fit which can be calming for babies.
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Dries easily
  • Storage is easy. Because it’s lightweight and quick to dry, you can even put it behind your bathroom door and just let it hang there ready to be used anytime.
  • Free from toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your baby’s health.
  • Very useful for moms who have just given birth, most specially those who had a C-section, since bathing your child at a level as high as your waist will prevent you from bending too much and putting stress on your wound.


  • This tub can be easily outgrown.
  • The tub only holds a small amount of water in it, you need to keep the faucet running.
  • According to some of the people who reviewed this product, wriggling infants have the tendency to displace the water making it overflow, thus wetting the floor around you.
  • With the Puj tub, if your tap is not high enough, your baby has the tendency to grab it. Being too near the faucet can also cause injury if hot water gets turned on.
  • A few parents who reviewed this product also find having to prepare a separate jug of water for rinsing quite a hassle, instead of just getting one straight from the tap.
  • For some people, the tub was too big for their sink.
  • Expensive


The Puj Tub will mostly benefit newborn babies, since they are not so wriggly and small enough to fit nicely in a sink, you won’t have any issues with water overflowing. You can also use this for older infants although this can be quite challenging considering their size. If you’ve had a caesarian section, this would be a useful bath tub so you can bathe your little one at hip level with no strain on your wound.

Check out this minute video on this tub:


For a bath tub that you can use from birth up to about 6 months, the 4Moms Infant Tub is also a great alternative to consider. It’s quite large and has to be placed inside your regular tub.

However, this tub has unique features that set it apart from regular baby bath tubs. It has a digital temperature sensor with an LCD display.

The sensor reads the temperature of the water as it pours from the faucet, depending on the temperature, the screen display will change colors according to the temperature. Blue for cold, Red for too hot and Green for the perfect water temperature.

If you see red from the screen, warning beeps will also warn you that water is too hot so you can adjust the tap. This feature ensures that your baby will not be scalded with hot water. It also has a clean water reservoir that collects clean water so you can have access to warm and clean water anytime you need it.

Another unique feature that it offers is that it drains out dirty water through the side drains so your baby will continuously bath in clean water only. Plus, if it’s time to rinse off the soap, you have the water reservoir always ready with clean water. Also included in the whole bath is a rinse cup and an integrated rinse cup holder.

The Fisher-Price Calming Waters Vibration Bathing Tub is also a good option for a bath tub that grows with your child. It offers 3 support positions to accommodate newborns, infants and toddlers.

For newborns, it has a detachable sling that cradles your newborn so you can use both your hands when washing your baby. It also has a vibrating water feature that soothes babies as you wash them.

When your baby outgrows the sling, just remove it and use the baby stopper provided so you can still place your infant at a reclined position but with the head and back supported by the tub itself. Once your child has learned to sit upright, just remove the baby stopper so your baby can sit in the tub and play.


The 4Moms Infant Tub is the best among the three, mainly because of its two unique features. As a safety precaution, the temperature sensor is really a useful feature so you don’t have to worry about the water getting too hot without you noticing it.

The Original Tummy Tub Baby Bath Review

Bathing your baby for the first few times isn’t a very easy task to do. It’s probably hard to imagine how it can be difficult when you will be holding a tiny human being? Well, that’s exactly the reason why it’s so hard. Babies are very delicate. Bathing them is extremely hard, especially since they have a very soft body.

Good thing there are baby-sized tubs that you can use to make the job easier. There are different types of tubs that you can choose from according to your preference. There are foldable tubs, bucket tubs, inflatable tubs, bubbling baby spas, and even ones with inserted slings to hold the baby in. Some tubs are designed to go in the adult-sized tubs; others are designed to be used on top of tables or the kitchen sink.

With all these options for a baby bath tub, choosing one that will perfectly fit your needs may take some time. And in order to help you pick the best ones, the best thing for you to do is check legitimate product reviews sites and see which products are well-reviewed by a majority of the moms out there. To give you a head start, the Original Tummy Tub Baby Bath is considered one of the best-sellers.

Key Features

Choosing a bath tub for your baby shouldn’t be taken for granted since it’s a huge part of keeping your baby fresh and clean. If you’re looking for the tub that has everything you need, you should start with the top-sellers like the Original Tummy Tub Baby Bath. Here are its key features:

  • The Original Tummy Tub Baby Bath provides a safe, warm, and relaxing feeling within soft boundaries.
  • Its credibility is proved by endorsements of midwives, nursery professionals, and physicians. And they are widely used in hospitals and birthing centers all over the world.
  • It’s very unique feature is that it is the ONLY tub engineered with anti-skid base. It offers safety and stability since it has a low center of gravity.
  • It has a separate attachment which is the Tummy Tub stool and is sold separately.
  • The Original Tummy Tub Baby Bath can be used for babies weighing up to 35 pounds.


The Original Tummy Tub Baby Bath is intentionally shaped and sized as a womb to provide ease for the baby’s transition from her usual refuge in the womb to the open world. This is extremely popular in Europe and is famous for its constricting nature. This is an alternative to the standard baby bath. This is especially helpful in keeping a stress-free bath time for both babies and parents.

The Original Tummy Tub Baby Bath can be used for babies up to 3 years of age. Their credibility and durability are supported by endorsements of significant groups of people (physicians, midwives, and nursery professionals) and its widespread use all around the globe.

Because they are shaped and sized like wombs, babies are quick to adopt, calm down, and relax in the tub. These are tubs that are brilliantly perfect for babies because they do not need a lot of water, space, or energy. They are also BPA and toxin free, as well as recyclable. This is actually one of its essential feature since you are putting warm water and soaking your child in it. You have to make sure this does not introduce any chemical hazards.

You can easily follow the directions about correct water temperature and water depth since there is a very clear water fill line to guide you. The walls are essentially clear so that you can see what’s going on under the water. The walls of the tub also provide comfortable support when your baby sits up.


Aside from the fact that it is commonly used in hospitals, which is a completely irrelevant con, there aren’t any complains about this types of tubs.


If you’re looking for a more practical bath tub that you think will fit all your requirements, i.e., safety, health, comfort, support, credibility, and durability, The Original Tummy Tub Baby Bath is the one you are looking for. You don’t need to be trendy and classy to have fun. A precious moment with your baby is fun and cool itself.

Check out this short video on how to use this tub:


At first glance, you’d think ​The Original Tummy Tub Baby Bath​ is the perfect tub for all ages. It doesn’t have the usual shape for a baby bath tub like the Aojia Baby Folding Bath, but it has all the good, safe, and health-concerning features which are all essential in bathing babies at a wide age range.

The First Years Disney Nemo Infant to Toddler Tub  Review

Babies can have as much fun as they want. They aren’t aware if they are making a mess or not. This is why bath time is frequently an at-home-event. It is good to learn how to bathe your baby safely and easily. When you know the secret to a safer, more fun, and easier bath, it will help you clean the baby, make her healthier, and also save you time.

Now, to make your baby’s bath a lot more fun than usual, there are many different types of bath tubs to help you with it. These tubs come in different shapes and with safety mechanisms. Here are some bath tub styles that will help you find the right one for your precious little one.

  • There are plastic stand-alone tubs designed safely for babies.
  • Tubs should have a textured bottom for gripping most surfaces and holding them in place.
  • The use of a sling or hammock has also become convenient for the safety for kids and provides necessary assistance for you as you bathe your baby.
  • A plastic or inflatable tub is also better to be used inside an adult-sized bathtub.

It’s a good thing you can find these features in The First Years Disney Nemo Infant to Toddle Tub that’s now available on the market!

Key Features

  • This three-stage tub includes a Nemo-themed infant sling. Now it’s a lot safer for your baby when moving around as she enjoys her bath.
  • With its fun, shell design, there’s no doubt your baby will find it a lot more enjoyable to stay in the water and splash some more.
  • The First Years Disney Nemo Infant to Toddler Tub has a soft foam pad on the reclined backrest to add comfort as your baby leans on it.
  • With extras such as a bloat pour cup and Nemo squirtee, she can have her own toy playmates floating around her.
  • Of course, it will give you comfort knowing The First Years Disney Nemo Infant to Toddler Tub has mildew-resistant, non-slip pads.
  • And it also has a quick and easy drain plug to empty the tub after the bath.


Its mesh hammock, that features Nemo, supports your baby securely and is completely suitable for machine washing. There’s enough tub depth, and the ergonomic design keeps your baby comfortable as she stays warm in the water.

There are also safety bumps to keep your baby from sliding down. With this three-stages tub, your baby can now have more fun safely with plenty of room to play, especially with her new toys like her fish-shaped pour cup and her Nemo squirtee.

The First Years Disney Nemo Infant to Toddler Tub takes toddlers to new level of fun during bath time with special features such as a soft foam padding and reclined backrest for a more comfortable clean up.

This bath tub is clearly designed to accommodate children from birth to the time they learn to sit up in the tub on their own. And you’ll be surprised how every feature serves their own purposes well.

The Nemo themed tub is a plus factor for your baby’s little water adventure. Now that bathing is a lot more exciting than usual, it will not be long before she realizes bath time is one of her favorite times of the day!


This tub only fits into a few sinks – that is without a baby in the tub. So, it does not really perfectly fit into every sink. Some may also find it uncomfortable when using an in-sink bath and prefer the usual way of bathing the baby – on the bathroom floor. For some, this is a lot more comfortable. Moreover, other parents think in-sink tubs have a greater possibilities for slips than the one placed on the floor.


You can bring the fun features of The First Years Disney Nemo Infant to Toddler Tub with you as your baby grows up. The one-piece and multipurpose design provides your baby a more comfortable transitioning stage which also brings more ease on your part.

Purchasing The First Years Disney Nemo Infant to Toddler Tub will be a reasonable and practical use of money. It will definitely be worth the price.

Check out this minute video overview of the tub:


The different fun features of The First Years Disney Nemo Infant to Toddler Tub provide your baby a whole new level of bathing experience. It may not have the waterfall feature of the Summer Infant Warming Waterfall Bath Tub, but it has more fun qualities and it is also designed for maximum comfort and convenient bathing.

Aojia Baby Folding Bath Review

Sponge baths don’t necessarily have to end as soon as you’d think, if your baby still enjoys them. On the other hand, you can begin bathing your baby in a tub or a sink once her umbilicus has fallen off and if there’s any circumcision that’s already healed.

You have to hold the baby to support her body when you bathe her. This is the safest way until your baby is old enough to sit up on her own or even long after. Also, while holding the baby on one hand for support, you need to lean over and wash your baby gently with your other hand without losing focus on the hand supporting the baby.

If you’re using a conventional baby bathtub, you also need to lean over the edge while kneeling. This might cause you to strain your back. This is why most parents usually resort to bathing their babies in a sink or in a portable tub.

Kitchen sinks are about the ideal and appropriate height for the average adult to do this washing tasks without putting too much strain on the back. That is why most adults think it is better to wash the baby in the sink. Kitchen sinks also have the advantage of a ready supply of water.

However, you have to make sure you swing the spigot away from the sink or cover it with a wash cloth to prevent possible unpleasant bumps. They also have attached sprayers that will make rinsing easy which some babies will find fun.

These factors make baby bath time in the sink a lot better. That is why parents resort to buying tubs that’ll fit in the sink and at the same time help the baby feel a lot more comfortable in taking their baths in the sink rather than in the bathroom.

Good thing Aojia Baby Folding Bath provides you with the baby bath tub features you are looking for.

Key Features

  • It is manageable and can be easily folded for proper storage and to save space at home or even when traveling without compromising a satisfactorily full-sized tub for the baby.
  • There are built-in hooks so it can be instantly hung for storage or on the shower head for drying when not in use.
  • Aojia Baby Folding Bath also has a heat sensitive bath plug to let the parents know about changes in water temperature to make sure your baby is safe.
  • There is also an extra leg support to keep the bath from slipping. But this feature makes the tub only usable on flat surfaces.
  • This is recommended for infants to toddlers.


This convenient Aojia Baby Folding Bath is designed so that storing is easy and it can even be utilized for travel. Its foldable feature makes it very easy to store, so you can bring with you a full-sized tub whenever you want to travel. There are built in hooks which add to its easy-storage feature. You can hang it for instant storage and when you need to dry it after every use.

Aojia Baby Folding Bath has an extra temperature indicator feature that allows parents to control water temperature for a more comfortable and safer bath time for the baby. It has a plug that changes color when the water is too hot for the baby, so parents can adjust water temperature immediately.

This bath tub can fold its legs up and then fold in a similar fashion to an accordion. If you want baby’s first bath beyond the walls, this bath will be the best choice whenever you feel like visiting friends or family, camping, or just playing in the yard.


The extra leg support with a non-slip external lining makes the bath suitable for use only on flat surfaces.


Aojia Baby Folding Bath is very suitable for going out of town for vacations or camping. It is conveniently light and easy to hang whenever not in use, saving space when stored. This is also perfect for babies loving their bath time and is safe for all their crazy movements with its non-slip material. With many advantages over its drawbacks, Aojia Baby Folding Bath will be a perfect choice for a bath tub for your baby.


Portability-wise, the Aojia Baby Folding Bath and the KF445 Large Capacity Baby Inflatable Bath Tub can be easily put side-by-side for comparison. Certainly, the latter’s foldable feature makes it easier to travel with, but the former’s distinct foldable feature tops all other bathtub designs. Aojia Baby Folding Bath is the best choice for outdoor bathing with baby. Its rigidity works as an advantage in most outdoor cases.

Summer Infant Warming Waterfall Bath Tub Review

Just like any other newbie mom, one of the things that you are so excited to do is to wash up your little one. It is important to keep them fresh and clean all the time. Bathing your baby is as difficult to do as it is to look at, mainly because your baby is so delicate. This is why it is important to know the safest way to give them a bath, exactly when to bathe them, and the appropriate time to start using a baby bathtub.

Usually, babies around 6 months old are ready for bathing in the tub as they are already able to sit up and support themselves while they’re in it. Of course, they still need your attention, and it is a big no-no to leave your child unattended in a bathtub.

As it is, there isn’t any fixed rule on bathing your baby in a tub, but it’s always better to be sure and put your money on the best products. The Summer Infant Warming Waterfall Bath Tub is one of the best baby bathtubs for the money.

Key Features

The Summer Infant Warming Waterfall Bath Tub is a well-reviewed product, and it has a lot of great feedback on product review sites. Its line-up of excellent features intended to help new moms on their first baby-bathing experience makes it a top-seller.

  • Waterfall Feature not only cleans baby’s back, it also soothes and warms them while bathing
  • Parent Assist tray for added convenience
  • Removable bolster added for baby’s maximum comfort
  • Spacious tub provides plenty of room for splashing and playing


Designed to provide a soothing bath experience for your baby, the Summer Infant Warming Waterfall Bath Tub has a waterfall feature that not only helps clean your baby, it also keeps them warm while they’re in the tub. It works by circulating the warm water in the tub, keeping the temperature exactly how you want it to be until you finish bathing your baby.

The infant bolster feature allows you to properly position your baby and provide support and maximum comfort to your little one. And since it can be removed from the tub, it provides more space as your baby grows to be a toddler.

Additionally, the parent assist tray is something that’s not very common with other products, but it adds more convenience, especially if you’re a newbie mom bathing your baby on your own. It keeps your bath essentials nearby, so it’s easily accessible. Plus, the added rinse cup can be used to gently rinse your little one afterwards. This tub is highly recommended for infants up to 2 years of age.


This tub has all the great features for a very affordable price. However, you might want to look out for the waterfall suction as it can be tricky to use sometimes. Other than that, this tub is very smooth to use.


A quick search on the internet will get you hundreds of options on which baby bathtub to choose. Normally, you’d pick the cheaper ones, but before you do, think about what would be the best for your baby. You don’t want to invest in something that you can’t guarantee to last for as long as you need it.

Lucky for you, there are products like the Summer Infant Warming Waterfall Bath Tub which has excellent features for a price that you will surely approve. Its waterfall feature cleans your baby while keeping the water warm.

It has added features to provide more convenience for you and maximum comfort for your baby. And as long as you keep it clean and well-kept, this tub can last until your baby is 2 years old.

Check out this short video on the tub:


If you want to provide maximum comfort to your baby while bathing them, you can get it from these two surprisingly affordable products – The Summer Infant Warming Waterfall Bath Tub and the The First Years Disney Nemo Infant to Toddler Tub. Both tubs are designed with features allowing you to properly position your baby while bathing them in the tub.

However, when it comes to overall features, the ​Summer Infant Bathtub​ is superior to the other product. It may be more expensive, but the other product doesn’t have the waterfall feature which is definitely something that your baby will enjoy.

Fisher-Price Calming Waters Vibration Bathing Tub Review

Your baby can enjoy bath time more with the soothing vibrations offered by the Fisher-Price Calming Waters Vibration Bathing Tub. It is designed to accommodate both young and older babies so you don’t have to change tubs as your baby grows. And because it comes from one of the world’s leading makers of baby products, Fisher Price, you are sure that it is a quality product that will last long.

Features of the Fisher-Price Calming Waters Vibration Bathing Tub

  • Product dimensions: 31 x 18 x 9 inches
  • Product weight: 1 lb
  • Age range and weight capacity: Newborn (10 lbs), Infant (20 lbs), Older baby (25 lbs)
  • Convertible bath tub
  • 3-stage calming vibrations setting. Features an optional, calming water vibration setting that resembles a spa.
  • Newborn mode: Features an adjustable sling made of breathable fabric that can be attached and secured at specific spots located around the rims of the tub. It has padded headrest to support the head. The sling is comfortable and safe to use and can be removed when not needed.
  • Infant mode: Remove the newborn sling and replace it with the baby stopper insert. The insert lets you lay your baby in a reclined position just enough to support the back and raise the upper body in a gentle recline, while also preventing your baby from slipping into the water with the non-slip bay rest.
  • Older baby mode: When our child is able to sit up straight by himself, you can remove the stopper to let your baby sit up and play.
  • Has a drain plug
  • Has a hanging hook
  • Has smooth, rounded rims


  • It can fit in a single or double sink.
  • Grows with your baby. Because the tub can be adjusted to suit the age and abilities of your growing baby, you don’t have to change tubs. This is a cost-effective choice for a baby bathtub.
  • The calming vibrations may benefit a newborn who is still adjusting to his surroundings. Vibrations may resemble those inside the womb which can be soothing and relaxing especially for newborns.
  • Safety features. It has safety features like the stopper for baby younger babies to prevent them from slipping as well as rounded rims to avoid getting scratched.
  • Basin is large and deep so older babies who are able to sit can still have most of their bodies immersed and be able to bathe properly as well as play.
  • It is easy to set-up and use. There is also a hook provided so you can hang it to dry or for storage purposes.
  • Easy to clean. Emptying the basin is hassle-free because of the built-in drain plug that enables you to drain water quickly.


  • The bottom of the basin is smooth and can be very slippery when wet.
  • Some of the people who reviewed this product had experienced mold buildup inside the baby stopper because according to them this part was quite hard to clean.
  • According to a few parents, the vibrating feature of the tub was unnecessary since some of the newborns get frantic instead of soothed when the vibration feature is turned on.
  • Quite expensive.


The Fisher-Price Calming Waters Vibration Bathing Tub is a great choice for a baby bathtub that grows with your baby. Although a bit expensive, convertible bathtubs will save you money in the long run. The vibrating feature will sooth babies and help them relax while taking a bath. The tub also ha safety features which are very important when looking for a baby bathtub.

Please check out this short video on this tub:


Another infant tub that you might want to consider is the 4moms Infant Tub. It has a very unique feature that provides you with a steady flow of clean water while dirty water flows out of the tub through the side drains.

It has a clean water reservoir so you can scoop up clean water easily when rinsing off soap on your baby. The tub comes with a rinse cup that is secured in a built-in cup holder on the side.

Keeping track of the water’s temperature is also hassle-free with the digital thermometer installed which has a color-coded temperature display to inform you if the water is too hot or too cold. When filling the tub with water, the faucet should pour water over the thermometer so it can sense the temperature, when it turns green, it means that water temperature is just right for your baby. To empty out the tub, it also has an attached plug in it.

The Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub is also a bathtub that grows with your child. It has    2-support positions that accommodate bathing newborns to toddlers.

If you need a baby bathtub but has limited storage space, then this tub will come in handy. It has a hook and is designed to be collapsible making it quick and easy to store.

The tub has a fully expandable bottom that can be adjusted to a reclining position suitable for bathing a newborn. For a toddler, fully expand the bottom to make it deeper.


For a sturdy baby bathtub that will last until the early toddler years of your child, the ​Fisher-Price Calming Waters Vibration Bathing Tub​ is the best choice among the three. The convertible design is a cost-effective choice for a baby gear that you will frequently use.

Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub Review

Most baby bath tubs can be quite bulky requiring you to have a large space to be able to store it properly. Unlike regular baby baths, the Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub can be shrunk down to a smaller size allowing you to fit the tub in a drawer or cabinet easily. If you also like to travel with the whole family, this baby tub will be very useful.

Features of the Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub

  • Product dimensions: 33 x 18.2 x 6.5 inches
  • Product weight: 6.2 pounds
  • Offers 2 support positions. This tub grows with your baby as it can be positioned two ways:

For newborns, this tub can be placed in a reclined position that cradles your baby while being bathe. This position will also ensure that the head is high above the water.

For older infants or toddlers, when your baby learns to sit upright, the bottom of the basin can be fully expanded to make it deeper and accommodate a larger infant or tot.

  • Support brace. To keep the tub from sliding and moving around the surface, two rotating support braces are placed to secure the tub.
  • Drain plug for quick and easy emptying of the tub.
  • No harmful materials used. This baby bathtub is free from BPA, Phthalate and PVC.
  • Collapsible design. Makes transitioning from one position to another easy and also setting up and storage hassle-free.


  • The streamlined design is simple and easily understandable even without looking at the manual.
  • One-piece design. Aside from its simplicity, being a one-piece item makes it very low-maintenance since you won’t be worrying of losing any loose parts.
  • The tub is easy to clean with the surface smooth with no hard to clean areas; also the water drains completely through the drain plug.
  • Budget-friendly. Although it is quite expensive, you can make use of this until your baby becomes a toddler, saving you money from buying another one.
  • You can put the tub on the floor, inside your regular bathtub or on top of a table.
  • Free from toxic chemicals that can be harmful for your child’s health.
  • Easy storage. The collapsible design allows the tub to be stored flat without taking up too much space. You can also hang it to dry using the hook included.
  • Drips dry quickly.


  • Expensive
  • The smooth surface can make the tub slippery during bath. You may have to put some non-slip mat that can fit inside to make sure that wriggly infants or tots will not accidentally slip.
  • For newborns and infants, non-slip pads will also be helpful because some of the people who reviewed this product said that they tend to slide down with the reclined position because of the smooth surface.
  • A few parents had experienced the tub’s locking mechanism for the reclined position snapping while it was in use.


The Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub Green is a great choice if you want a tub that will grow with your child. This will also benefit households with limited bathroom space or storage space and is looking for a compact tub to use. You can also bring this when you travel with your baby.

Check out this video about the tub:


Another tub that you can use until your baby grows into a toddler is the Primo Eurobath. This is a standard baby bath tub, made of plastic and supports two seating positions to bathe your baby in.

On one side, the tub is designed in a reclined position with the head and back supported. There are also stoppers in place under the arms and legs to prevent your baby from slipping into the water.

For older babies who are able to sit up, the opposite section of the tub is designed with a safety stopper that sits between the legs of your child to keep them upright and also prevent them from slipping into the water.

The tub is also free from harmful and toxic chemicals like lead, BPA and phthalates. Cleaning it is also a no-fuss job as there are no hard to reach areas where soap and water can accumulate which can harbor dirt, mold and mildew.

The whole tub measures 36 x 21 x 9 inches, which is quite big. If filled with water, carrying this can be a challenge. Also, if you have limited space to spare, you may find its size a major drawback.

If portability and storage top your list when considering a bath tub for your baby, the Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Bath Tub is also a great choice for something portable. This inflatable tub is affordable and designed as a cute rubber ducky. Inflating the tub can be done manually or by using an electric one, either way, it’s easy to inflate.

After inflating, you just put the bath inside your regular bath tub, fill it with water and your set up to start bath time. What’s unique about this inflatable tub is the temperature sensitive disc at the base of the tub.

When the water is too hot, it changes its color as a warning. However, this inflatable tub is more like a mini pool rather than the usual baby bath so it’s best use for older babies who can sit upright.


The ​Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub Green​ is the best choice because you can use it for newborns and toddlers. Plus, it’s light, compact, easy to clean and easy to store, you don’t have to worry so much about how or where to store it.

Blooming Bath – Baby Bath / Bathtub Review

For a cute and stylish take on bathing your little one, the Blooming Bath – Baby Bath in Turquoise is a great choice. It is a unique, flower-shaped baby bath that you and your baby will enjoy using.

The concept of the product is really simple, instead of surrounding your child with hard plastic or a thin fabric, the Blooming Baby Bath will surround your child with soft and plush material that will make bathing in the kitchen or bathroom sink comfortable for you and enjoyable for your child.

Features of the Blooming Bath – Baby Bath / Bathtub

  • Features the brand’s flower-shaped, signature blooming bath handmade from soft and plush polyester for the petals with the center made from high quality polypropylene foam and the back is made from polyester mesh
  • Blooming petals easily conforms to the shape of the sink
  • Turquoise colored petals
  • Recommended for ages 0 to 1 year old
  • Measurements: flower – 32 inches (tip-to-tip), center – 10 inches (diameter)
  • PTPA award winner
  • Dryer-safe


  • Cute design,
  • Soft and comfortable. The plush, pillow-like feel of the bath will let your baby rest comfortably with the back still properly supported while you give him a bath.
  • According to most parents who reviewed the product, the product saves them from getting backaches since the bathroom/kitchen sink where you place it is at the waist-level.
  • It has a vibrant and attractive color.
  • Multi-purpose. After your baby has outgrown this plush bath, you can also use it as a pillow or soft play mat.
  • Easy storage. Because it lays flat and the materials used are soft, you can easily store this in between cabinet or even in cramped up spaces without worrying of getting it damaged.
  • Great for photo-ops, if you are fond of taking cute, artsy photos of your child.


  • Some of the people who reviewed this product had a hard time squeezing the water out of the Blooming Baby bath manually.
  • According to a few people, drying the bath can take a while.
  • Set-up can be quite meticulous since you need to thoroughly clean the sink (kitchen or bathroom) first before laying out the bath to avoid dirt, oil or food from soaking into the material and getting to your child.
  • According to some parents, some of the stitching got easily torn after a few uses.
  • Has the tendency to build up mold and mildew.


The Blooming Bath - Baby Bath is an adorable bath that lets you bathe your baby comfortably in a sink. The cushiony petals will provide comfort and protection for your child. Because the material is very soft, most reviews have commended that the softness keeps the baby calm thus making bath time easier for you. However, because of its size, squeezing it can be tricky and drying it may take a while.

Take a minute to watch this video:


You might also want to consider the Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bath Tub. It is available in green, blue, red, orange, and pink. This collapsible baby bath tub is designed to be able to bathe newborns to sitting toddlers. It features an expandable bottom that you can easily adjust in 2 different positions.

You can put it in a reclined position so you can bathe your newborn or infant and when your little one is old enough to sit up, just fully expand the bottom to make a basin deep enough that your tot can still enjoy being immersed in the water while playing. For families with limited space for storage or those who like to travel frequently, you will find this bath handy.

The single, streamlined design of the tub allows you to fold it flat so you can carry or store it easily. The clean-up process is also well-thought of, it has no grooves or textured surfaces that would require you to do more meticulous scrubbing when cleaning the tub.

A drawback though with the non-textured surface is that it can be quite slippery. You may want to use a non-slip mat inside to prevent your tot from accidentally slipping.

Another baby bath tub that you can use to bathe your baby in the sink is the Puj Tub. This tub is made of soft foam that easily conforms to the shape of your sink. The soft material cradles your child comfortably while also protecting him from the hard sink. This tub is only suitable from birth until 6 months.

It is flat and shaped like a spade, non-slip and secures itself in place with magnets. It is PVC and BPA free and it is also resistant from mold and mildew build up. However, it does not hold much water in and if your infant likes to wriggle a lot, you may end up having a very wet floor.


The Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bath Tub is the best among the three. You can still use it even when your baby is a little older. It is easy to set up and store, which also makes it portable enough to be carried when you’re travelling with your baby. Tidying up after use is also a quick and hassle-free process which is great for busy moms.