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Bath Mats For Toddlers

Are you looking for the perfect bath mat for your baby’s bath time? We’ve got you covered. Read here to see the 10 best bath mats for toddlers.

Did you know bathroom injuries are one of the most common reasons for children’s visit to the emergency room? According to a 2009 study, slips and falls in the tub and shower injure thousands of children under 4 years old every year.

To prevent such accidents from occurring, experts recommend installing support bars so that kids can hold onto something when they’re getting into and out of the tub or shower. Parents should also get non-slip bath mats for toddlers.

Speaking of which, bath mats for toddlers come in a range of shapes and sizes just like baby bathtubs. There are a lot of choices and choosing the best one can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. To help you out, I’ve made a list of the 10 best bath mats you should consider.

Slip-Proof: Top 10 Bath Mats for Toddlers

1. Safe Way Traction Anti-Slip Non-Skid Safety Bath Mat

Yes, the name’s quite a mouthful but the features are worth it. With this bath mat, you get:

  • Plain and simple
  • Comes in various sizes to fit your tub
  • Feet-friendly, no slip protection for wet, slippery areas in the bathroom
  • Improved traction with fine-textured film
  • Easy installation. This one has no suction cups. You just peel it, stick it and voila, you’re done!
  • An easy to clean, thin mat. It’s unobtrusive so you don’t have to worry about it being a tripping hazard.
  • A versatile mat that can also be used in the gym to keep equipment from rolling

2. Tosnail Extra Long Anti Slip Suction Bath Mat

One of my favorite bath mats for toddlers, the Tosnail Extra Long Anti Slip Suction Bath Mat is made of high-quality vinyl. It also offers 30% more coverage than the typical bath mat, measuring 15.7″ wide and 39″ long.

Other pros:

  • It is machine washable
  • You can place it in a tub or shower
  • It’s NOT white which means dirt, mold, etc won’t make you feel guilty that you have one more thing to clean!
  • It has strong grip suction cups
  • Skid proof for toddlers and seniors
  • BPA-free, antibacterial, resistant to mold and mildew
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Can be used at gyms, saunas, and spas

3. Tike Smart Extra-Long Non-Slip Bathtub Mat

Here’s another extra long bath mat that’s recommended for little ones, seniors, and the disabled. It features 200 suction cups and 174 drainage holes to keep water flowing through it when bathing or showering.

IMPORTANT: Don’t use this bath mat on textured bathtub floors. It only works on smooth, flat surfaces.

Other things you may like about this bat mat:

  • Superior grip due to its textured surface
  • Antibacterial, mold- and mildew-resistant
  • Machine washable
  • BPA-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Curl-free packaging
  • Cushioned for maximum comfort
  • Money-back guarantee

4. Epica Anti-Slip Machine Washable Anti-Bacterial Bath Mat

You can’t have a list of best bath mats for toddlers without including the highly-rated Epica Bath Mat. Made from natural rubber, the Epica Bath Mat boasts of hundreds of powerful suction cups that strongly attach to your tub. Unlike plastic, natural rubber offers flexibility and elasticity without affecting sturdiness.  It’s not as long as the other mats mentioned above however it does have some desirable features below.  Choices, choices, choices!

You should get the Epica Bath Mat if you like:

  • Antibacterial, mold- and mildew-resistant bath mats. The Epica Bath Mat prevents bacterial growth through its exclusive anti-mildew formula.
  • Extra comfort. Natural rubber makes this mat easy on the feet. Your little one won’t be complaining that the bumps hurt his/her feet.
  • Easy care. This bath mat is easy to clean. Wash it in the machine and you’re good to go.
  • Heavy-duty mats. Resistant to wear and tear, the Epica Bath Mat lasts longer than any other plastic options.

5. Topsky Non-slip Baby Bath Mat for Toddler

Hooray for cute designs! As I’ve said before, baby bathtubs are babies’ first playground.  Adding this bath mat will surely up the fun during bath time.

Some features worth considering:

  • Multiple designs
  • Powerful suction cups that grip securely from top to bottom of the tub
  • Protective design. This bath mat protects your baby’s skin from the cold tub bottom.
  • Machine-washable
  • Made from high-quality, eco-friendly PVC
  • Antibacterial, mold- and mildew-resistant
  • Durable. Can also be used for gyms, care facilities, and hotels.

6. Square Shower Mat with Center Drain Hole by Vive

This cleverly designed bath mat has a hole that lets you position it around your drain. It measures 22″ by 22″ and features a textured surface for maximum grip. Like other bath mats for toddlers listed above, this can only be used on flat surfaces.  This is only for a shower.  Truth be told it’s hard to focus after seeing the cute designs of the Topsky toddler bath mats!

Vive’s bath mat also has:

  • 116 suction cup grips
  • Large surface area
  • Antimicrobial features
  • Hypoallergenic and latex-free design, perfect for toddlers

7. SlipX Solutions Bubble Bath Mat with Microban

So what exactly is Microban? An antibacterial technology incorporated into plastics and textiles, Microban continuously protects against bacteria that cause contamination or odor. It also works against mold, mildew, and fungi.

Aside from Microban, SlipX Solutions Bubble Mat also features:

  • Suction cups
  • Cushioning bubbles
  • Durable vinyl material
  • Easy cleanup. This bath mat is machine washable and can be washed with your daily laundry.

8. Key Home Goods Silicone Bath Mat

Bath mats for toddlers are usually made from plastic, vinyl, rubber, or silicone. This one is made from premium silicone rubber. It’s got the right thickness so your toddler’s feet remain comfortable throughout his/her bath.

You’ll like this bath mat for its:

  • Antibacterial features. It’s also resistant to mold and mildew.
  • Material. This bath mat doesn’t contain any BPA, BPB, and phthalate.
  • Ideal size. You can use it for tubs and shower stalls.
  • Premium grip pattern. It has suction cups that keep it attached to the bottom of the tub.
  • Flexibility. You can use this even if you have a textured bathtub.
  • Lifetime warranty. It also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

9. Yimobra Bathtub and Shower Mat

This is another extra-long bath mat. It measures an impressive 40″ by 16″ and is made from high-quality vinyl.

Some advantages to using the Yimobra Bathtub and Shower Mat:

  • It’s hypoallergenic, machine-washable, and BPA-free.
  • It has more than 100 suction cups for effective slip resistance.
  • It’s versatile. It can be used in assisted living facilities, gyms, hotels, hospitals, and so on.
  • It’s machine-washable.
  • There are a variety of colors to choose from.
  • It provides increased comfort with its anti-slip grip feature.
  • It works great on non-textured floors.

10. Evelots Non-Slip Bath & Shower Mat

Last but not the least is Evelots’ Non-Slip Bath & Shower Mat, which is made from high-quality vinyl. Like other bath mats for toddlers, this one provides maximum comfort for the feet and grips securely to your tub or shower floor.

You should go for this bath mat if you’re a fan of:

  • Suction cups and square-shaped shower mats
  • Durable materials. This is made of vinyl that can withstand years of use and abuse.
  • Central hole drains. Water build up is a no-no for any bath or shower mat. The central hole is designed so that water drains efficiently while you’re showering or your little one is taking a bath.

Quick Tips for Choosing the Best Bath Mats for Toddlers

The most important thing when shopping for a bath mat is to focus on the features and not so much on how it looks. Yes, you want your toddler to have a fun time while he or she is taking a bath but sometimes, you just have to forget aesthetics if it means compromising the safety of your family.

You should also make sure to follow these tips:

1. Test the bath mat. Just because it is advertised as non-slip doesn’t mean it really is. If it slides around when wet, return it to the store.

2. If you want a bath mat with kid-friendly designs, you have options. But make sure you’re buying a durable, slip-resistant mat that allows water to drain efficiently.

3. Keep safe. That means hypoallergenic bath mats that won’t accumulate bacteria. Always go for bath mats that have antibacterial properties.

4. Say yes to machine-washable mats. Cleaning the bathroom is already a chore in itself. Make it easier on yourself by choosing a bath math you can easily throw in the wash.

5. Go for mats that offer comfort. Your toddler’s feet are sensitive.

Bath or shower mats that are too bumpy may hurt his or her feet. Choose cushioned mats that are comfortable to stand in.

Childproofing Your Bathroom

Aside from bath mats for toddlers, there are simple ways to keep your child safe from falls and slips.

1. Never leave your child alone in the bath. Even with only a few inches of water, toddlers can drown or fall or slip. If someone’s at the door, take your child along (but don’t forget to wrap him or her in a towel first).

You can install bath seats and rings for added safety. Also, simplify your baby’s bathtime routine by preparing his or her bathing area beforehand. Keep everything within reach so you don’t need to leave your child if you forget something.

2. Close the lid of the toilet. Make it a habit so that your curious toddler won’t fall in if he or she ever decides to do some exploring in the bathroom.

3. Always check the water temperature. Bath water should be warm, not hot. Avoid scalding by testing the water with your wrist or elbow.

4. Store all medicines and cosmetics in a locked cabinet. These should always be out of reach of your children.

5. Never forget to unplug electrical appliances. This includes hair dryers and razors. After use, store them in an area with a safety lock.

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