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Creative Baby Bathtub Ideas

Baby bathtubs are babies’ first playgrounds. The room, the water, the toys, and the accessories provide tons of fun for her. However, it is the kind fun that needs to be looked after. And when bath time is over, the tub should be drained immediately. But it is your job to make this fun worth doing all over again. To make bath time more fun than usual.

Below are some baby bathtub features you should consider:

1. Contoured Design with Padded Lining

This can be a less constrictive than a sling. This will keep the baby from sliding around. Linings are usually thin, but feel more comfortable than just hard plastic.

2. Drain with an Attached Plug

With an attached plug, it will be easier to drain the tub of water. So you have to make sure it can serve its purpose well.

3. Temperature Indicator

There are bath tubs that have desirably useful features such as drain plugs or temperature strips that change color according to changes in temperature. They change color when the water is too hot for the baby. There are also those with digital readouts.

But you can buy separate temperature indicators. These are very useful features, but it is best to double check the temperature with your forearm before you put the baby into the tub. The forearm is more sensitive than the hand. You’ll know the water is good for bathing the baby when it feels comfortably warm.

4. Foldability

There are also tubs that are made of plastic and can be folded in half for more convenient storing. However, common complaints about plastic and foldable tubs are due to the leaks and not being able to hold a baby that’s only a few weeks old.

4. Hook or Handle for Easy Storage

Some models have a useful handle or hook on the back to hang the tub up for draining or storage. But you can also simply flip over any infant tub in your regular tub to let it drain and dry before you store it.

6. Smooth, Overhanging Rim

This is to keep you from scraping your baby’s skin when you put her in or take her out of the tub. This also makes it easier to carry a water-filled tub minus the baby.

7. Nonskid Surface

This feature is important to keep the baby from sliding in the tub.

Baby bathtubs can be bought for about $20, for a freestanding bath sling, to $40 or higher for tubs with more advanced features such as a built-in digital thermometer.

Below are some of the tubs and bathing devices available on the market:

1. Basic Infant Tubs

These tubs are slightly sloped at an angle to provide the baby comfort in laying back like in an infant car seat. Most of them are lined with foam, preventing them from slipping. They also support them to relax as they sit up in a slightly upright position.

2. Tubs with Mesh Slings

Baby bath tubs are usually designed with internal nylon mesh which serve as support slings to cradle newborns. Most of them are created so that the slings can be removed when they are no longer needed. There are also designs with rods to support the slings. But a better choice would be slicks that are like hammocks which do not need rods for support.

3. Convertible

These are convenient tubs that your child can use for a long time. These convertible tubs are built so that they grow with the child. They have features that are both useful and safe for infants and other feature that makes them large enough to hold an older child of around 6 months or older. Make sure you check the maximum weight specifications.

4. Sink or Tub Sling Inserts

These are covered in fabric. They are similar to bouncy seats for babies. The fabric is stretched over a frame while the sling retains its purpose of supporting the baby in an inclined position. These do not include a bathtub.

5. Collapsible to Use in Adult Tub

This one is designed so that it folds up and can be used in a regular bath tub. This is convenient for travelling, but make sure it is stable and does not leak before buying one. You can ask to try it out with a small amount of water.

6. Collapsible to Use in Sink

Some of these unfold so that they become completely flat and are designed to fit into a sink which provides structure and holds the tub in place. However, these types aren’t meant to fit in an adult’s bath tub.

7. “Spa” Tubs

This is a more sophisticated type of tub. It has a battery-operated unit which generates a swirling of the water and creates bubbles. There are types that include a mini-fresh-water-shower nozzle for rinsing your baby.

But a spa is not something your baby needs to experience at this age, so you have to think it through before you purchase an expensive tub like this one. After all, you aren’t really sure if your baby would be comfortable with the swirling, however safe the shower feature may be.

8. “Modern” Tubs

These look similar to a miniature bathtub for adults. But they aren’t used for an infant. According to online reviews, these are better used with toddlers and many think these are a bit slippery and do not have enough firm support.

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