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Do I Need a Baby Bathtub?

One of the many challenges a new parent has to look forward to is learning how to safely bathe their baby. Some parents are usually tempted to use the sink to bath their babies because they fear there might be bath tub accidents and resorting to bathing the baby in the sink would reduce the possibility of these accidents. But they fail to realize that this option creates another set of risks as well.

Weighing your options, you’ll be surprised why the best method is to use a baby bath tub. Using the sink can be less hygienic which, for the record, is right next to the baby’s safety on the top priority list.

The good thing about newborn babies is that they don’t tend to get very dirty. Food mishaps, baby drools, potty accidents, and other little things are not much of a mess, and so babies this age are fairly clean. This makes bathing a little bit easier for the parent. You might find it better and more comfortable on your part to bathe your babies in the shower or sink.

However, in order to not compromise the safety and hygiene of the baby, resorting to a fairly inexpensive baby bathtub would be the best option. Some of its obvious benefits are preventing your baby from slipping when leaning, and the contoured head rest will keep the baby’s head above the water.

A baby bath tub will save you the trouble of muscle pains from bending and squatting when bathing your baby. Also, it prevents you from wasting too much water.

For first time parents, it would be wise to have these kinds of things prepared before giving birth. Why? When coming home from the hospital, the first few weeks after giving birth can be very tiring. That is why being prepared for the baby is very convenient in all aspects.

It is important that you have already decided in advance to choose and your baby’s bathtub along with its accessories. This is especially important for those mothers who have had a Caesarean section upon giving birth.

If you’re thinking about how much it’ll cost you, don’t. Cost is not a problem at all. There are a variety of designs for reasonable prices available. Some may only cost around $20. Other cheaper versions are also available online. You can find them at credible online retailers such as eBay or Amazon. These sites sell unused baby bathtubs that are probably surplus stock.

Bath tubs come in many sizes and colors. Some have built in extras which either helps in monitoring water temperature or those that are only for the baby’s amusements. There are tubs that are designed to fit in the kitchen sink and some to fit in full-sized adult bathtubs. There are also some with slings for newborns and drain plugs for easy water drainage.

With the different bath tubs on the market, it might be difficult for you to decide which one to buy. One important thing you should consider when buying is what is ideal for your baby. The one you think would make her love bath time in no time at all. It is recommended that you choose tubs that are BPA-free. Look for baby bathtubs that are slip-resistant and equipped with a digital thermometer.

Different features for every bathtub invite more and more buyers to come and try their designs. Some have thermometers that are very useful in controlling water temperature for a more comfortable baby bath.

Sidewall drains also vary with design to make draining a lot easier. These features may be tempting to the eyes but the difference is fairly negligible. Be wise enough to compare prices in stores and even online for better options.

When your baby turns 6 months old, then it is also probably time to switch to a bigger type of bathtub. Always read product reviews if you want to try out other baby bathtub designs. You don’t have to buy the most expensive one. These types aren’t always the good ones.

At the end of the day, your baby’s safety and hygiene should always be your top priority when considering designs of a baby bathtub. When you weigh your options well in choosing the best baby bath tub for your baby, the price will not matter.

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