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How To Clean A Baby Penis

For the new parent there can be some challenges you didn’t realize until you find them staring you in the face.  Read below to learn how to effectively clean a baby’s penis.

Your newborn baby is delicate and special care must be taken to ensure their safety when you’re trying to clean them. When you’re trying to clean your baby’s penis, it’s especially difficult to know how to go about it, but it is possible.

If this is your first born child, you’re already probably pretty nervous about how to safely bathe them. There’s a lot to be worried about for new parents.

We Know You’re Nervous!

Worrying won’t help the process, but the first step in being successful when you clean your baby boys private parts is overcoming the fear.

By the time it’s time to clean his little willie, you’ve already mastered so much.

You’ve carried this child, you’ve delivered them, held them and even fed them. We know you’re nervous about taking this next step, but you’ve got this!

Whether your baby has been circumcised or not, there is a wrong way and a right way to clean your baby’s penis.

A lot of the advice we’re about to give involves being more hands off than you’d probably expect.

The main point to consider when bathing babies are that you may be anxious about cleaning them more than you need to.

Babies are actually pretty clean until they start crawling around and getting into things!

Until your babies become toddlers, here’s some advice on how to clean this sensitive area and ensure that they’re safe and healthy from the time you take them home —

What To Do After Your Baby Has Been Circumcised.

After your baby has been circumcised, you may see different things on their genitalia that may or may not concern you.

If your baby is undergoing this procedure in a religious ceremony, you may be facing this a couple of weeks after they are born.

If the procedure took place in the hospital, this likely occurred a day or two after they were born.

Once it happens, the doctor will cover the penis in gauze and it may come off as soon as the baby urinates, but in some cases, your doctor may advise that the gauze continues to be replaced.

If this is the case, mild soap and water may be necessary between dressing changes.

Directly after undergoing the circumcision procedure and for a few days after, you may see some of the following.

  • Redness
  • Yellow Secretion
  • Stool particles

Generally, these sights are not causes for great concern, but if anything seems off, you can always contact your doctor. You have a parent’s instincts!

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with trusting them, but in all likelihood, there’s no cause for great concern.

If the swelling and redness persist past a week, that’s when it may be time to give your doctor a call to check things out and make sure they’re ok.

What can you do to help? A few things actually.

Giving your baby’s penis some time to air out without a diaper on every now and then is a good idea, if possible.

Also, make sure you’re not using any kind of products when you’re attempting to clean baby’s penis in the beginning.

That means no harsh chemical laden baby wipes or soaps.

How To Be Gentle, But Clean Your Baby’s Penis

In the beginning, avoid using soap at all when you clean baby’s penis. Warm water is sufficient.

That way, you can avoid any irritants and if irritation does occur, you will know that it is not the product you’re using.

Your baby’s penis is actually self-cleaning to a large extent, so you don’t need to be overly involved with cleaning it too thoroughly.

Soap that’s used during bath time should be gentle and it’s perfectly fine if natural, mild baby soap is present around his whole area.

However, there’s no need to scrub when you’re going to clean this part of him.

What’s more important in terms of your baby’s health is regular diaper changing. Wetness can cause irritation.

Make sure that you’re changing your baby regularly and cleaning their scrotal area well.

Use a natural baby wipe to gently rid the area of fecal matter and urine.

This will go a long way to making sure that your baby’s genital region is kept clean.

It’s more about safe clean up than it is about how you clean this part of your baby at bath time. In fact, you shouldn’t have to do much at that point.

Special Care For Cleaning Your Uncircumcised Baby’s Penis

There are many benefits to not getting your baby circumcised and more and more parents are choosing not to have their babies undergo the procedure.

In fact, the number of babies who are uncircumcised has risen quite a bit over the last decade.

Here’s the good news — there is less special care that needs to be taken in order to make sure that your uncircumcised baby’s penis is cleaned properly that you may think.

You can handle it!

However, there are a few things that are different about cleaning your uncircumcised baby’s penis and the long-term care involved.

Whatever you do, do not retract the penis.

The foreskin is connected by tissue to the head of the penis, also called the glans. You have to make sure that everything stays in tact.

Also, you do have to watch your little one urinate every now and then to make sure everything is coming out ok a little closer.

If your baby seems to be in pain when they urinate or they don’t seem to have room in the foreskin to urinate, call a doctor.

For the first 2-3 years, you should only be clean baby’s penis on the outside of the foreskin.

Every now and then, you may see a milky white secretion under the foreskin called smegma. It’s perfectly normal and it’s just dead skin cells.

It’s nothing to worry about at all.

As your boy gets older, make sure that you’re teaching him proper hygiene.

He should be cleaning his uncircumcised penis regularly, making sure to gently pull the foreskin away from the head when he does.

When he’s finished, he also needs to pull the foreskin back over the head of the penis.

When You Should Be Concerned

While taking care to wash your baby’s penis as carefully and well as possible, you’ll want to watch out for a few things.

Here are a few scenarios that may happen through no fault of your own that you should be aware of —

  • Urinary Tract Infections – While it’s less common for boys to get them than it is for girls, they do happen. If they’re in pain when they pee, they may have one.
  • Meatal Stenosis – This is when the tip of a baby or toddler’s penis becomes so irritated that it develops scar tissue. If your baby’s urine is trickling in a way that leads you to believe that the penis is blocked, take them to the doctor.
  • Testicles That Don’t Descend – By the time your little one is three, his testicles should both have dropped into their scrotum. If they haven’t they may need surgery.

A few of the above conditions can be prevented by washing your baby’s penis correctly and regularly changing their diaper.

Don’t Obsess Over Cleanliness With Harsh Chemicals

In our society, we have a tendency to want things clean all the time, but your baby does not need to be fussed over as much as you think.

Until your baby’s circumcision heals, it’s not advised to bathe them in a bathtub. Stick to sponge baths to clean his genitalia.

Past that, your baby only truly needs a bath twice a week. If they haven’t started crawling yet, they really don’t have many opportunities to get any dirtier than what happens in their diapers.

When it is time to bathe, go easy on the soap. Even natural soaps need to be used sparingly. Warm water should be the main ingredient.

It’s very important that you choose the right products for bath time to prevent your baby from being exposed to chemicals that could irritate them.

Their genital regions are especially sensitive as babies, so it’s important that the products you use are designed with that in mind.

The sponge or washcloth you use should also be gentle. Babies’ skin is very delicate.

Don’t be too concerned with whether or not your baby is clean all the time. The key is to be careful and only clean and wash them when its necessary.

Purchase A Quality Baby Bathtub

You want the best for your baby and you want to keep them safe, but also clean.

The first step is to purchase a quality baby bathtub. Using the sink is not as hygienic.

If you’re choosing to clean your baby’s penis in the sink, you may be exposing them to chemicals and germs that you would not be exposing them to if you bathe them in a bathtub that’s designed for them.

Also, if you’re using a proper baby bathtub, you’re doing yourself a favor because it’s much easier to bathe your baby correctly when you use one.

Read some reviews on how to choose the best baby bathtub for your baby.

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