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Large Baby Bath: Top 5

In the past, bath time for babies is usually done in the kitchen sink. It’s deep, large enough to move your baby around, and readily available. Nowadays, your baby can enjoy bath time in his own little tub. Baby bath tubs are available in different styles and design that can make bath time fun for your child while making the task easier for the parents as well.

Baby bath tubs are usually made of plastic or foam. Some tubs are designed solely for infant use, while other bath tubs can be used from birth all the way to toddlerhood. Tubs for infants usually have a convenient spot where the baby can be placed flat. On the other hand, tubs for older infants to toddlers are larger and designed to keep them contained while sitting.

A large baby bath can make things easier for you and more enjoyable for your little one. To help you choose, here’s a list of the top 5 large baby bath:

PRIMO EuroBath

This basin type of baby bathtub is budget-friendly and can be used by your little one from birth up to 2 years old. This tub is quite large (37.2 x 10 x 21.2 inches) which can make storage tricky especially if you have limited space.

However, don’t let its size intimidate you, PRIMO’s EuroBath is among the most cost-effective tubs available. It has a unique, 2-position design where you can bathe you child, as an infant, on side in a reclining position where your baby is gently supported at the back and secured on the sides so you can use both of your hands to bathe him.

Once your baby’s able to sit up straight on his own, you may now switch to the other side of the tub. On this side, the back is still supported and the contoured seat between the legs will prevent your baby from slipping into the water.

Hoppop Bato Tub

This stylish tub for your toddler has an old Victorian vibe to it and offers a relaxing bath time for your child. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, it has a number of useful features that would make bath time easy and safe for your little one. Much like an adult’s bath tub, it has high walls to support the back and your baby can rest his arms on the sides for additional support.

It has a drain plug to make emptying the tub quick and easy as well as a removable liner. A unique feature this tub offers is its insulated walls. In between the removable liner and the outside wall is a space to keep the water inside warmer for a longer period of time. It is available in different colors.

Munchkin Inflatable Safety Tub

This cute, duck-designed inflatable tub is affordable, spacious and can be easily brought along during family outings. Older babies will appreciate its vibrant yellow, rubber ducky design. Several features worth noting would be the heat-sensitive dot at the bottom of the tub which will tell you if the water is too hot for your baby to handle. To support the back of your tot, the pillowy tail is high enough to cushion his back while sitting upright.

It also has a ridged bottom surface to prevent from any slippage and just long enough that if slippage does occur, your baby won’t get fully submerged easily. Setting up the tub is fairly easy to do either manually or with the use of an electric pump. Deflating it is also quick as well. It fits most tub and you can secure it in place or hang it to dry in your bathroom with the suction cup included.

Stokke® Flexi Bath®

This foldable baby bath can be used by children 0 to 4 years old. It is portable and can be easily set up and stored. For newborns, they have an optional Newborn Support sold separately for additional comfort. For the underside, rubber footings are placed to keep the bath in place when using it on slippery or wet surfaces.

If you travel a lot, this lightweight and portable baby bath will be very useful. Although caution is advised when using it with older infants who move a lot during bath time as it can be tipped over with enough force.

The Bibabath

Make bath time more enjoyable with the Bibabath foldable bath tub. For kids with siblings, the Bibath is large enough to accommodate two tots at a time. It is compact and lightweight. You can place it in your shower stall or move bath time outside for a mini-pool experience. It also features a built-in drain for easier cleaning.

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