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The First Years Disney Nemo Infant to Toddler Tub  Review

Babies can have as much fun as they want. They aren’t aware if they are making a mess or not. This is why bath time is frequently an at-home-event. It is good to learn how to bathe your baby safely and easily. When you know the secret to a safer, more fun, and easier bath, it will help you clean the baby, make her healthier, and also save you time.

Now, to make your baby’s bath a lot more fun than usual, there are many different types of bath tubs to help you with it. These tubs come in different shapes and with safety mechanisms. Here are some bath tub styles that will help you find the right one for your precious little one.

  • There are plastic stand-alone tubs designed safely for babies.
  • Tubs should have a textured bottom for gripping most surfaces and holding them in place.
  • The use of a sling or hammock has also become convenient for the safety for kids and provides necessary assistance for you as you bathe your baby.
  • A plastic or inflatable tub is also better to be used inside an adult-sized bathtub.

It’s a good thing you can find these features in The First Years Disney Nemo Infant to Toddle Tub that’s now available on the market!

Key Features

  • This three-stage tub includes a Nemo-themed infant sling. Now it’s a lot safer for your baby when moving around as she enjoys her bath.
  • With its fun, shell design, there’s no doubt your baby will find it a lot more enjoyable to stay in the water and splash some more.
  • The First Years Disney Nemo Infant to Toddler Tub has a soft foam pad on the reclined backrest to add comfort as your baby leans on it.
  • With extras such as a bloat pour cup and Nemo squirtee, she can have her own toy playmates floating around her.
  • Of course, it will give you comfort knowing The First Years Disney Nemo Infant to Toddler Tub has mildew-resistant, non-slip pads.
  • And it also has a quick and easy drain plug to empty the tub after the bath.


Its mesh hammock, that features Nemo, supports your baby securely and is completely suitable for machine washing. There’s enough tub depth, and the ergonomic design keeps your baby comfortable as she stays warm in the water.

There are also safety bumps to keep your baby from sliding down. With this three-stages tub, your baby can now have more fun safely with plenty of room to play, especially with her new toys like her fish-shaped pour cup and her Nemo squirtee.

The First Years Disney Nemo Infant to Toddler Tub takes toddlers to new level of fun during bath time with special features such as a soft foam padding and reclined backrest for a more comfortable clean up.

This bath tub is clearly designed to accommodate children from birth to the time they learn to sit up in the tub on their own. And you’ll be surprised how every feature serves their own purposes well.

The Nemo themed tub is a plus factor for your baby’s little water adventure. Now that bathing is a lot more exciting than usual, it will not be long before she realizes bath time is one of her favorite times of the day!


This tub only fits into a few sinks – that is without a baby in the tub. So, it does not really perfectly fit into every sink. Some may also find it uncomfortable when using an in-sink bath and prefer the usual way of bathing the baby – on the bathroom floor. For some, this is a lot more comfortable. Moreover, other parents think in-sink tubs have a greater possibilities for slips than the one placed on the floor.


You can bring the fun features of The First Years Disney Nemo Infant to Toddler Tub with you as your baby grows up. The one-piece and multipurpose design provides your baby a more comfortable transitioning stage which also brings more ease on your part.

Purchasing The First Years Disney Nemo Infant to Toddler Tub will be a reasonable and practical use of money. It will definitely be worth the price.

Check out this minute video overview of the tub:


The different fun features of The First Years Disney Nemo Infant to Toddler Tub provide your baby a whole new level of bathing experience. It may not have the waterfall feature of the Summer Infant Warming Waterfall Bath Tub, but it has more fun qualities and it is also designed for maximum comfort and convenient bathing.

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