Choosing a Toddler Bath Seat with Suction Cups

Choosing a bathtub seat or toddler bath seat isn’t easy. But then again, neither is baby bathing.

Who can blame those of us who stress out at the mere mention of a rubber ducky?

Even with a pricier toddler bath seat, babies topple over easily, which can make bath time an anxious affair for both parents and babies.

Why Buy a Toddler Bath Seat?

It’s no secret that bathing your 6 months old is stressful. So what will a bathtub seat do to fix that?

Baby bathtub chairs and toddler bath seats, hold babies upright during bath time.

This makes things significantly easier for parents than simply holding their crying, slippery toddler upright.

Not only will this makes things safer in the bathtub, it will also turn bath time into a time for you and your little one to bond.

When Do I Need a Toddler Bath Seat?

Toddler bath seats are for toddlers.

A toddler is defined as an infant who is just learning how to walk. 

This allows them to sit upright in a toddler bath seat.

A baby can become a toddler within the age range of 6 months to a year.

Babies younger than 6 months should use a baby bath tub.

How to Use a Toddler Bath Seat

Getting a toddler bath seat is great, but you’ll need to bathe your baby with it at some point.

To set up a bath seat, simply secure it to the tub using the attached suction cups (which you should not buy any bath chairs without.)

While bathing your baby, do not leave him out of your sight. It is important to make sure your baby is kept above water during bath time, as even safe bath seats can slip.

Remember that most babies drown while being left unattended.   Please review the safety section for more safety details in this post.

What Should I Look for in a Bathtub Seat?

Today, people have favorite pizzerias and check for reviews of any restaurant or movie before going.

So don’t trust just any toddler bath seat

There are plenty of bath seats on the market with different features, advantages, and disadvantages. Here are a few of the most important factors in choosing your bath seat.

Why Avoid Older Bath Seats?

The Consumer Product Safety commission has found that no infant or toddler bath seats made before December of 2010 meet current safety guidelines.

Using bath seats made before December of 2010 can mean using a product that is unstable or otherwise unsafe. To ensure that your child’s bath seat fits safety standards, avoid older models.

The Trouble With Bath Rings

As with older toddler bath seats, bath rings may seem convenient and affordable. Beware of the potential dangers these hold for bathing babies.

Most bath rings sold in the United States were made before the implementation of current safety guidelines.

For this reason, we recommend that caring parents avoid bath rings.

Why Choose a Bath Seat with Suction Cups?

Suction cups are the most important safety feature in any toddler bath seat.

Suction cups attach bath chairs to bathtubs. They are one of the most effective ways to keep your baby’s bath seat secure.

This is important to keep your baby seated in the bath seat and stop the seat from toppling over in the tub.

We recommend a bath seat with at least two suction cups or pads to make bath time as safe as possible.

What if my Baby Can’t Sit Upright Yet?

Toddlers who can sit upright should use a toddler bath seat. But for the first few months of life, upright seating is not an option.

Before sitting upright is possible, baby bathtubs are a great option for bathing babies safely.

Most baby bathtubs are simply smaller tubs that go inside the bath you are already using. These allow you to fill them with a smaller amount of water and bathe your baby safely even when they can’t sit.

Make sure you know if the baby bathtub you are purchasing is made for use with a bath, a sink, or is capable of being used with both.

While using either a baby bath tub or toddler bath seat, always make sure you are within arms reach of your child.

One great option if you’re looking for a baby bath tub is this adorable First Years Disney Nemo Infant to Toddler Tub, available at Amazon.


Toddler bath seats can range from as low as $15 to as high as $70.

The features, age, and construction quality of a toddler bath seat are a few of the things that will change its price.

While you probably don’t need to spend $70 on a bath seat, you should still avoid simply choosing the cheapest model.

Why not just choose the cheapest?

Because there are a variety of important features that will improve the safety, convenience, and quality of your toddler bath seat. Not considering all of these features could stop you from getting the bath seat you want.

Swivel Capabilities

One unfortunate thing about most bath seats is that turning your baby can feel clumsy.

Swivel back bath seats provide an alternative solution by featuring a swivel back. This means you can easily turn your baby during bath time to make sure your stinky little guy gets completely clean.

Choosing a swivel bath seat will make things significantly less clunky during bath time. And what new parent doesn’t need to make things a little simpler?


Different materials will both feel different for your baby and have different effects on his skin.

Using a baby bath seat or tub made of softer material may keep your infant calm during bath time.

If you’re looking for a baby bath tub designed for comfort in this way, check out the blooming bath!

The blooming bath is designed with a material ideal for baby bath tubs, but don’t think families looking for bathing chairs have to miss out.

Bath seats like this one provide a soft and comfortable environment for your baby due to their use of soft foam.

Back Support

Even though your infant should know how to sit upright while using a bath seat, proper back support is still a must.

Look for a bath chair with an ergonomically shaped body to provide proper bath support to your infant during bathing.

Backrests can differ from bath seat to bath seat. Some feature a reclining backrest, whereas others take advantage of a more upright position.

Bathtub seats with back support don’t have to be complicated. Models like this one provide great, ergonomic design in a simple package.

Remember to consult with your family’s pediatrician before choosing a bath seat with a backrest to make sure you choose one with the right position for your baby.

Head Support

Even more important than keeping your baby’s back supported is keeping your baby’s head supported. Remember that babies have weak muscles and need all the help they can get for this.

Several bath seats offer headrests to provide quality neck-and-head support during bath time.

While you’re at it, make sure that your baby’s head can rest comfortably in his bath seat.  This model offers two soft head supports to keep your baby safe and comfy!

Bath Toys

We all wish that babies had longer attention spans. But as much as you’d like your infant to sit quietly and enjoy the relaxation that his bath brings him, he won’t.

Many bathtub seats will feature a toy such as a rubber ducky or a spinning ball. Choosing one of these bath seats will keep your baby calm and entertained during bath time.

This bath seat from Safety 1st features a swivel back, a backrest, and suction cups. It also features a colorful ball your infant can play with to stay entertained.

And as any new parent knows: when the baby’s happy, you’re happy. So consider either investing in a bathtub seat with a built-in ball or some more bath toys.

Other Bath Products

Bathing seats and bathtubs are the most important products for bathing babies. But they’re far from the only products worth considering.

In terms of both safety and happiness, there are plenty of other gadgets.

Other products you should look into getting include:

  • A thermometer to make sure the water is at a perfect bathtime temperature
  • A kneeler to save your knees from the pain of kneeling to bathe your baby
  • An anti-slip bath mat to keep everything as secure as possible.
  • Make sure you are using baby safe soap and shampoo
  • You’re going to need baby wipes and soft towels that won’t irritate your baby’s skin.
  • Make sure to invest in some bright bath toysto help entertain your infant.
  • Also please try some amazing all natural, organic goat milk diaper salve from our good friends at Anderson Family Farms.  This stuff is the best!  Kimberlee is amazing with what she’s created.  Check it out!

More Safety Tips

  • Always be within arm’s reach of your baby during bath time.
  • Look up consumer reviews and research product recalls before buying a bath seat
  • Look out for mold in bath toys, which can make your baby sick from contact with the mouth.
  • If you’re going to give your baby a bubble bath, make sure you use a non-toxic solution.

Like everything else a new parent does, bathing your baby can be overwhelming. It can be easy to view all of this new information as overload and to have trouble using it to make the right decision.

That’s why I’m here to help.

I review baby bathing products and give the best advice for bathing babies to make sure your family is both safe and clean.

I’m dedicated to giving you not just reviews and advice, but also ideas and updates to make sure that you do a squeaky-clean job during bath time.

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