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Types of Baby Bath Tubs

There are many types of baby bath tubs, most tubs are usually made of plastic, lightweight and can be carried around easily so you can put it anywhere you need it to be. Baby bath tubs are designed differently depending on how and where you want to bathe your little one. Some baby bath tubs are fancy while some just feature the basics. All these are usually considered based on personal preference.

Different types of baby bath tubs

Baby tubs come in various shapes and sizes. Some types may be limited to a specific age range and can be easily outgrown while some are designed to be used until later.  Here are some of the most common ones you will see:

Basic Plastic Tub

This tub has a very simple design and is mostly used for young infants who still need to have their backs supported or are still unable to sit up straight. It features a slope inside where you can lay your baby on a reclining position which supports the back. Some of these tubs are lined with some foam to prevent slippage as well as offer comfort for the baby to relax.

Sink Inserts

To make bathing easier in the kitchen or bathroom sink, a flexible sink insert will be useful. It molds into the sink and you can stand comfortably while bathing your baby. It’s convenient to use and can be stored easily as it does not require too much space.  This type is usually used from birth up to 4-6 months.

Hammock Tub

This tub is designed with a cradle-like, nylon mesh inside to support the head and whole body so you can use both hands to bathe your baby. Some tubs have attachable slings for infants which can be removed to accommodate a sitting toddler. Other slings are large and strong enough to hold an older child. On most hammock tubs, the mesh support is just attached to the tub itself and can be removed when not needed.

Convertible Tub

This type is popular for being cost-effective as it is designed to grow with your baby. On one side of this tub is a reclined slope to bathe your baby suitable from birth up to 6 months. From about 6 month onwards, when your child is able to sit upright, you can now move to the other side of the tub where another space is provided designed for a sitting tot but still with some support on the back.

Cushion Tub

If your house has a bath tub, you can use this one to create a little tub for your baby. Just fill your tub and place the cushion inside and the water will seep through the fabric creating a sectioned-off tub for your baby.

Inflatable Tub

Inflatable tubs are like mini pools that need to be inflated first before using and you can fit it in most tubs. However, this type is usually for older babies who are able to sit up, not for young infants. It is also not as durable compared to other tubs. But, if your family likes to travel a lot, an inflatable tub will surely come in handy.

Fold Up, Collapsible Tub

This is a compact and portable bathtub for babies much like the inflatable, but without the air. Some collapsible tubs are big and usually designed for use inside a regular tub or in a shower stall. There are also smaller ones that can fit in a sink. A collapsible tub is lightweight and easy to set up. This is also a good choice if you have limited storage space.

Bucket Tub

Literally a bucket – this type keeps the baby upright with just the right amount of water to keep the body immersed. It mimics the closeness that the mother’s womb provides which can offer a calming feeling to young infants who are uncomfortable of bathing. Some models are even big enough to have a built-in seat inside to keep your little one more comfortable while playing and bathing.

Battery-operated Tubs

This type is more of a splurge and luxury type of baby bath tub that offers some of the basic features a typical bathroom has and more. Depending on the model, some of these very modern baby bath tubs have mini-showers that lets you rinse off your baby with fresh water from a reservoir.

Some models can also create bubbling or swirling water movements like the ones in the spa, or jets that can move the water. With these high-tech features, you would expect this baby bath tub to be heavier and more expensive than the others.

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