What Baby Shampoo Should I Use

What Baby Shampoo Should I Use

Babies are the most delicate thing ever. They are so adorable and cuddly that you can spend all day just kissing and playing with them – at least when they’re in a playful mood.

One of the many things to love about them is their soft and smooth skin that you just can’t stop nuzzling. However, as irresistible as it is, your baby’s skin is also extra sensitive.

Since your baby is only starting to develop antibodies that to fight foreign substances from infecting their tiny body, they’re still vulnerable to germs and bacteria.

Protecting and caring for your baby’s delicate skin also takes a lot of work. This is probably why it seems like there are more baby products than any other products in the market combined.

Caring for your baby’s skin is no easy task. Good thing there is a plethora of products available that can help you make it easier.

The tricky part, though, is choosing the safest, most effective product you can use for your baby. You can’t just try different products on your baby and see what works best for them.

Always consult a pediatrician or any expert in the matter. Also, try to do as much research as you can before you apply a product on your baby; most especially for products like baby shampoo.

Here is a list of tips on how to care for your baby’s skin properly.

1. Cleansing

The importance of keeping your baby’s skin dirt-free cannot be overstated. Technically, your baby’s skin is not that dirty compared to yours, but you cannot take any risks in having them come into contact with bacteria and allergens.

Following a bath routine to keep your baby’s skin as clean as possible is definitely a good idea. Cleansing your baby’s skin is necessary to get rid of oils and dry skin, which are the most common causes of cradle cap and a few skin conditions.

2. Moisturizing

You want to avoid your baby having dry skin as much as possible. Excess dry skin is an indication that your baby’s skin is not as healthy as it’s supposed to be. Aside from that, it could also lead to cradle cap, among other skin conditions.

This is why it is very important to keep your baby’s skin moisturized. But, you can’t just use any lotion or cream on your baby’s skin. You have to make sure that it’s safe for your baby.

3. Treatment

Watching your baby closely is one way to prevent them from developing a skin problem. But sometimes, no matter what you do to protect your baby, there’s still a chance that they may develop a certain skin condition. There’s no need to panic, though.

Most of the time it’s very treatable. You just have to be very careful about choosing the products you use to treat these skin problems. It could get rid of your baby’s rash or it could make it worse.

While you may use different products for cleansing, moisturizing, and treating your baby’s skin, there are products that work both as a cleanser and moisturizer. That’s what baby shampoo is for.

Technically, it’s main purpose is to eliminate dirt, oil, skin particles, allergens, and other pollutants that may build up and cause infection on your baby’s skin.

But, there are some really good products that have moisturizing properties as well. You can check this list of the best baby shampoo according to feedback posted on popular product reviews sites.

But before you ask yourself, ‘what baby shampoo should I use?’, you should know what chemicals and substances to avoid.


The presence of this substance in breast cancer tissues is the reason why many experts strongly advice to avoid products which contain parabens. It has also been associated with male infertility.


Fragrance coming from natural essential oils are usually safe for babies. However, since it can be hard to determine whether a product has natural or synthetic fragrances, it would be better to just avoid them all together.

PEG compounds

These substances function as thickeners in some baby products. They also get rid of natural oils that the skin produces which leads to dry skin.

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